Natalee Grace

Happy birthday to my little sister! I love you so much Nat and I wish I was home to celebrate it with you! You are getting so big and I wish you would stay little for forever!  Her birthday party is in a week and a half because none of her friends were in town :( But she is having a carnival themed party! I'm sure it will be a blast! I am begging her to wait another week so I can be home for it.  I feel like I have been away from home for most of her life and it makes me sick!  I can't wait until I get back home so we can play again! Love you Natalee!
Ms Natalee 2 years ago on her birthday! I wish I had a more recent one!
(Mom dad you better take lots of pictures!)
 Natalee and Treag before his mission.  
She LOVES him! He is her favorite brother she says. . . Poor Andrew!
 Nat with a baby monkey! 
My family went on a cruise a few years ago for Christmas

It was a little bright out ha our eyes are squinting  :)
Our happy family

                                 The Fullmers


Big Week

I am really creative on my blog post title am I not? ha I am the worst at them! Anyway now you are all wondering why this was such a big week right?  Well let me tell you. . .  Treagan beat his best week this week! I am so proud of him! He usually gets about one every other day but this week he did even better!  Brett Kesler was up this week and he had some fun things for the guys if they got so many sales.  One day if you got 2 in one day he would get you a new pair of shoes.  Treag almost got them.  He had 2 set up to go but then the one guy wants to wait until July 1st.  Treag was a little sad but he still gets the sale just not the shoes.  :) We went to dinner with the office one night and Treag got some new basketball shorts that he LOVES another day!  It was a fun week for us.  I am getting super excited to see Treagans family in a week from tomorrow for Jake and Summer wedding. ha thats all I can think about these days.  I'm getting home sick so I can hardly wait! Love and miss you all!
 Treag with his new shots he got! 
And his CARZY hair! I can't wait until he cuts it this week! 

 We had a late night swim the night the Hunzie got 2 hence the "peace" sign ha
Well Treag did I took pictures, squished roaches that were crawling around and cooked us dinner on the grill :)
The apartments has this "sweet" grill we can use! I was going to put these up
on Tiaras cooking blog but there is no recipe ha 
                              The Fullmers



Its Friday! I woke up this morning thinking that it was Wednesday. . . I even told Treag he was wrong when he said it was actually Friday, I had to look at my phone ha where has this week gone? Anyway nothing too exciting going on but we took some fun pictures from last night of the Hunzie with Annie and videos of the boys in the pool again this morning!

 Miss Annie LOVES getting on Treags head like this right when he gets home! 

 Just ignore the laundry on the bed.  I was folding it :)

Annie giving Treag a snuggle!
She just adores him and can't wait until he gets home! 

The guys LOVE playing with the football before they have to go out and sell.  
This week Brett the VP was up and Treag LOVES him he adores him ha so they had too much fun playing with him!

And on a side note these two love birds get married in exactly 2 weeks from today! Treagan and I are SO excited for them and we can't wait to see them and the rest of the Fullmer family in Arizona!
I stole this picture from her blog :)

                             The Fullmers


Planes, Planes, and more Planes

Treagan has some cousins that live here in San Antonio.  They have invited us over for dinners countless times on Sundays and they are just such a fun little family and we love them and their adorable little kids!  Dave is in the Air Force while he is going to medical school here in San Antonio.  He invited us to go to the Air Force base and look at all of the retired planes that they have.  Treag was super excited and couldn't wait to go see them.  My Grandpa on my dads side was in the Air Force back in WW2 so we looked for the plane that he flew and we found it!  It was pretty neat to see a part of his history in person and not just in pictures.  Enjoy some of the pictures we took.  Don't mind that we look super nasty and sweaty! It was 106 degrees and we were walking around on black pavement so I swear it was at lest 108!

 The Hunzie and me in front of the F-82 it was a pretty sweet plane! 
 I really liked the painting on this one! 
 The cute little kidos! The little girl, Georgia looks JUST like my cousins little girl Annie it is crazy!
 This was the plane my gramps flew! The P-51
It was the fastest one they had at the time.  
 it has all of the planes that this particular pilot shot down on the side. 
26. . . not bad at all 

 I thought this one was pretty sweet! 
Little Ms. Georgia posing for the camera 

 This was one of Treagans favorite ones! It is the plane from Top Gun
One of his favorite movies of all time!
 The other Top Gun planes!
 Treag being in heaven! 
 This plane was just pretty cool we thought
 This place was HUGE and we didn't walk around to see all of them so I took a far away picture of some :)

We also go to go see the planes that they use now but we weren't allowed to take any pictures of them :( can I say that they were pretty darn sweet! Some of them where HUGE and when I say HUGE I mean it.  They can hold a bunch of tanks and all of that sweet stuff and carry them to the Middle East of where ever else they want to take them.  It was a really fun day! We are so glad that we got to get to know Amber and Daves family a little better! They are such a sweet family and we are so sad to see them move down South on Saturday! 
                                  The Fullmers


The River Walk

This past weekend my really good friend, Brianna came up from Dallas to stay with us for the weekend!  It was so much fun to have her up and keep me entertained while the Hunzie was at work ALL day! She got to our apartment late Friday so we just chatted for a while and then went to bed.  Saturday morning we went to the Guadalupe River.  They say it is the smallest river in the U.S.  It takes about  6 hours to float the entire thing. . . We didn't last that long, about 4 hours though.  They have different parts that you can get off at and then a bus will come pick you up and take you to your car.  It was a fun activity to do.  Bri wanted to go to the River Walk that night.  And Treagan got off work at 6!  The River Walk is really amazing!  It is this river that goes threw a part of San Antonio.  It reminds me of what a little Venus Italy would look like.  I have never been so I have no idea but still I've seen pictures :)  The river is pretty big, big enough to have boats going up and down in. They had hotels right to the edge of the water which was pretty darn neat. It was beautiful to walk around and see everything.  We went to dinner at a Mexican place right on the water, it was pretty neat, but the food was nasty and way over priced.  We asked a guy where the best place to eat was and he said not to eat at the River Walk at all. . . We should have listened.  Bri left Sunday afternoon and itwas sad to see her go :( 

It was getting dark by the time we got there. . . So the pictures aren't the best 
But this is the river running threw the city, so cute!
These guys were singing all night long! It was really fun listening to them 

 Ms Bri and me 
Us at dinner 

      The Fullmers


Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to all you dads out there!  I love this holiday, what a neat thing that we can do by honoring our fathers who do everything they can for us!
My dad is one of the greatest out there.  He would do anything for his girls, and his only boy!  He is a hard worker in every way!  He was a great teacher to us growing up. He always made sure we knew how to work hard.  I remember him making us work during harvest so we knew what hard work was like.  He also thought it would make sure we went to college, which it totally worked for me at least! He never missed a dance, piano, cheer competition, no matter what he had going on.  I love my dad and I miss him so much! Happy fathers day dad! You're the greatest out there!

The wedding day
I don't have one with just me and my dad :(
Christmas 2005. 
Best Christmas ever can I add this wonderful man got me a brand new 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS! 

Now that I am married I have a wonderful new father in law.  Even though I dated Treag during high school I never really got to know his dad, But from what I know he is a wonderful guy! All of his kids just adore him!  When Treagan and I were moving to Texas a few months ago we were saying our goodbyes to our families.  I have NEVER seen Treag cry. (I swear he got "teary" eyed when he proposed but he wont admit it and claims it was the wind. . .) But he couldn't keep the tears in when he said bye to his dad.  I thought it was such a cute moment that I will never forget.  I know Treag loves his dad more than anything.  And Rex raised a great husband for me! 
We love you both so much! Thanks for all that you two have done for us!
                               The Fullmers


Silly Boys

Monday morning we woke up thinking that Treagan would have a meeting at 12, but it kept getting pushed back until 2:30! Sweet deal.  We should have gone to Sea World but we didn't know it was going to be such a late meeting until it was too late :( instead we went to the pool and hung out with friends.  The boys were trying to do crazy tricks in the pool with the football that the Hunzie HAD to have ha So I whipped out the camera and took some fun video of the guys. Enjoy!
 Isn't he a cutie!

Treag had a sweet jump/catch in this video! 
I wish I had a better view of Treag because he was hilarious! 

This was a mess up one but the Hunzies dance moves are just great :)
If you listen closely you can hear Cabe saying "Snap, Snap" every time he snaps haha

Last by not least! 
Treagan throws the football to Cabe who tosses it to Donny who catches it! 
(I know I didn't zoom in fast enough! but you see Donnys hand holding it in the air :) )
What dorks!
We love and miss you family!

The Fullmers


2 months

Treagan and I have been married for 2 months now! In a way it feels like a lot longer than just 2 months and then at the same time it feels like we got married yesterday.  We decided we needed to do something to celebrate.  To start the day off we went to the pool.  I grilled my yummy chicken and corn.  We ate lunch, swam around the pool and worked on our tan.  We wanted to do something fun when Treag got off work but, Treagan didn't get home until 11pm so we went to Mcdonalds! Yummy right ha We got some ice cream and a red box to watch.  It was a pretty fun night.  I am so happy that I am married to this guy! He is such an amazing husband, I love him so much! Enjoy the pictures

We look nasty but its crazy hot here!

 Our Happy little family!
 Yummy Treats! 

And Guess what I did today. . . . .
I got BANGS!!!! 

I look like my little sister Megan! 
ha and 5 years older treag said :) 
Yeah I'm growing them out but its a fun change for the summer !

                                    The Fullmers