Memorial Day in the South

Happy Memorial Day! 
We sure are falling in LOVE with the great state of North Carolina more and more every day! 
I had a great Memorial Day weekend! 
Treagan did too! 
7 sales in 2 days, not too shabby
 This was my Memorial Day via instagram
Beach with Bree
The best ice cream in the south!
Gossip Girl 
Swim gear
I can't complain it was a great  MD, probably the best one I've ever had. 
Treagan's day was pretty good as well
He won some "sick", as he would say, Jordans.
Got a hand full of sales and is going to finish this week with the same amount of sales he had ALL last year if things continue to go as they have been :)(already off to a great start and it's only Tuesday)
We are loving North Carolina, don't be surprised if we end up here once we are done with school!
We are loving Vivint, it really is the best company out there! They have so much more to offer and we are so grateful we were prompted to go with them!
We hope your Memorial Day was as good as ours!


Morning at the Beach

Last night Treag and I decided we needed a break from the week, so we decided to wake up early and head to the beach in the morning! The weather was perfect! The sun was shinning with just a little breeze. We quickly laid our beach towels down and soaked up the sun! I could lay out and read a book all day at the beach never moving an inch, Treag on the other hand gets super antsy after 15 minutes and has to jump in the water! He is so fun to watch dive into the waves and swim around like a little fish! The waves were huge this morning, and it was high tide. We had to sit up almost on the dunes so we wouldn't get wet! We spent the morning laying out, reading books, talking,watching the surfers, eating lunch, swimming around, or in my case walking around waist deep. :) While we were drying off a bit, Treagan asked me if there were a lot of shark attacks in NC. Since I am a shark pro (I watch Shark Week every year,) I of course said I don't think there has ever been on here. Ha But to be on the safe side I decided to look it up. Well low and behold there was one right on North Topsail, right where we were! The only place in NC where they have had them that I saw, was in the exact place we were swimming around in! There was one last 4th of July in the shallow part, by a Bull Shark! Lets just say we decided to pack it up and leave since neither one of us dared go in after that :)It was such a fun morning being able to spend some time with my Hunzie! Right at noon when we were getting ready to leave it started raining on us! It never just "rains" here lets be honest, it's a total down pour for a good hour or so and then it lets up and is a gorgeous day again! It is so different from Idaho and we love it! It is currently starting to let up! Hopefully it turns into a nice cool day for the Hunzie while he is knocking doors!
This is how most of our morning was spent

 Okay you really can't see any rain but I took this at 1:30pm on our deck. Its dark and pouring rain! 


Our not so exciting week

This past week was not as glamorous as I wish it would have been! I had big plans to drive to New Bern and check out the lake, maybe find a decent mall near by, go to the beach and do some swimming while the guys are knocking right in Jacksonville and having their meetings pushed back an hour, I was hopping to do something fun but we got rained out! It literally rained all day long Monday- Friday! We have hurricane Alberto to thank for all of this lovely rain and wind. Even though he is suppose to hit later this week, they think, we are still getting LOTS of rain from him. We are actually in the warning zone but at the very end of it, which is pretty awesome since I have never been in a hurricane and I don't want to witness one now! So we might be getting the "light" version of a hurricane, I am guessing we will see some major rain coming down, in our minds ha (I'm sure if we were in Florida or South Carolina it will be much worse) and some crazy wind. Any way the rain cleared up on Saturday, total bummber because Treag is gone from 9am-9:30pm on Saturdays. I was able to hang out with 2 of the wives that don't have babies, yay for them not having kids with me! We went to the pool and tried to get a little sun, did some grocery shopping and that was seriously my day! This week we have spent most of our time together at the gym or home watching movies and snuggling with the kittens. Sunday it was over cast but we were so sick of being in all day long we decided to hit the beach up for a little walk. We had a blast walking on the beach and watching the surfers. The waves were huge because of the hurricane I'm guessing? It was a great relaxing day. The office also had a little hot dog BBQ. They have been doing it almost every Sunday, I love because I only have to make a side dish, and not an entire Sunday dinner! 
We are loving living in North Carolina! I don't think we ever want to move from this little state! I decided I want to live in New Bern though, adorable little town! Its only 45min ish away from Raleigh! (Raleigh is a pretty happening town, with lots of shopping and things to do, I hear) We like Jacksonville, we don't love it. It has one main road with just about everything on it, which is good and bad. Traffic blows on Saturday, Sunday, 8-10am and 4-6pm every day of the week. ha so we just avoid going to town at those times.  Also and totally mind blowing, their produce suck here! And everything is about double the price groceries are in Rexburg. Everything is frozen and about to go bad as well, so you have to buy what you need for the next 2 days and if you don't eat it by then you have to throw it out. Which is super annoying because that means I have to go grocery shopping more than once a week. I must say I did LOVE grocery shopping in Texas. (The only thing I liked about Texas:))We do love being right on the coast. A 15-20 min drive and we are at the beach. The east coast is SOO much better than the West coast! ha I seriously don't understand all the hype about California :) Their beaches are FREEZING and so dirty compared to ours. The water is blue and clear, so gorgeous! We love the southern charm out here! Everyone is so polite, even the people you think wouldn't be! I love the yes and no sirs and ma'ams, I hope we catch on to that habit!  We sure have fallin in love with the south! 
Hopefully this week we will do something fun to blog about!

 This is our little girl gray
crossing our fingers our friends really do want her in 2 weeks!
She is super cute is she not?!
Charlotte, She LOVES Treag hence her sitting by his head watching him
he loves her too, I think we might keep her :)
Isn't this one cute?! My mama wants her and I don't blame her she is a doll!
Seriously all we do is play with these little guys all day long!


Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to my mama!
I sure do love you and I think you're the greatest! 


Happy 1st Anniversary to us!

I can't believe we have been married a year! Well a year and a month now :) Time sure does fly when you are having fun! We didn't do anything special this year. (I was a little sad) We were trying to get packed for our big move to NC, I was horribly sick all week, bad timing for an anniversary celebration! It was Easter Sunday, and baby Keatons blessing on our special day as well. So instead we partied with the Fullmer family which was even better because we got to see everyone before we left for the summer! I tried to do something a little special though, Treag did get a new pair of golf clubs from me! Yay for fun gifts!
Anyway I was doing so reminiscing of our wedding day, and I went through and looked at my wedding post and it brought back some memories of our special day. It was a great day, if not the best! If my little collage of wedding day pictures doesn't cut it for you either you can check out my wedding post from last year  HERE
I am so thankful to have Treagan as my husband. He is such a great guy, so patient with me, such a hard worker, kind, and he makes me laugh constantly. I feel so blessed and even lucky that he is my partner in life, and by my side forever! I love you Treagan Fullmer! I can't wait to spend many, many more anniversaries with you, even the lame ones!


North Topsail Beach/Sunday BBQ

I've noticed that most of my posts are of us on the beach. Treag and I need to get out and explore a little more besides different beaches :) We do love living so close to ocean though, being able to drive to the coast in 15 minutes and explore for the morning is the best thing ever! Sunday afternoon after we went to our early church and took a good nap we woke up feeling pretty refreshed and wanted to go for a long walk on the beach. We had a HUGE thunder/lightning/rain storm the night before so we didn't want to make a day trip of it because it was in the mid 70's all day from the rain.  Around 4:00pm we jumped in the car and headed for the coast. We found a new spot, North Topsail, and we really liked it! There is nothing around besides the ocean and a few random beach homes which is totally up our alley! We parked the car right where the sand starts and walked around for  a few hours. It was so much fun just getting to spend some time with my Hunzie, I swear some days I see him for 3 hours max!
Treag has been doing really good with work these past 2 weeks! Right now he is in a competition with all of Vivints other offices for the next 2 weeks! Each office had to send their best experienced sells rep from last week into the competition. And Treag seriously blew the office out of the water! So he gets to be the rep from the NC office for the experienced rep. He was getting 3 a days, 2 a days, just selling like crazy! And he was selling the upgraded system on ALL of them! I'm a proud wifey!  Wish him luck, he could win some sweet prices, and he is off to a really good start! Anyway Treagan is LOVING Vivint! It is such a good company and we are so glad this is the route we took this year. We obviously love living in NC :) Anyway here are some fun pictures of us on our Sunday outing!
 Yes I know we match.
It wasn't noticed until I was looking at our pictures!

 What a cutie
 A dead jelly fish that washed up
It was squishy!
I thought the sky looked pretty neat in the pic!

When we got back from the beach we had an office BBQ to go to. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone for the afternoon. Treagans manager Zak Murray has the cutest little twins, Ty and Ava. We love playing with them but Treagan seriously LOVES Ty. He goes right up and grabs him from Zak or Noelle when he sees the little guy! It's so cute :) Treag wanted to get a few pictures with him holding Ty ha 
Ty is super cute! 
Ty thinks treag is hilarious and will laugh and laugh at him 
and they growl at each other ha super cute
Just chillin 
 Celebrating Treags 1st 3 in a day at Logans
 We went out and got this this little get up for $20!
I wanted to get him something for working so hard last week
Yes he was stoked!


Emerald Isle

Treagan has been having meetings one hour later since they are knocking right behind out apartments! Yay!!! We have actually been able to hang out a little bit in the mornings before he has to leave for work. On Wednesday morning we drove up to New Bern at 8:00am. Treag had a guy who he sold that wanted Treag to set up his warehouse as well. So we decided to make a little trip of it. I really wanted to go check New Bern out because I hear it's a really cute town, and that's where the Note Book took place :) But we kind of ran out of time so we decided to just check out Emerald Isle. It's kind of the local peoples favorite beach spot, and a must go to. I have to tell you, I like Top Sail Beach much better. At Emerald Isle they had mini golf here, go cart racing, lots of places to eat, it had the boardwalk feel to it. It was only 10:00 so nothing was open, we ended up just going to the pier and walking down as far as we could!  We brought our beach gear with us so we went on the beach and laid out for a while, and did some swimming. We had a blast! We only got to stay for a little over an hour but we still had fun getting to spend some time with each other for the morning.

 We took this from the pier
 On the very top of the pier!
It was fun to walk so far out into the ocean :)

 We took this right when we were leaving 
We look a little gross ha
The beautiful ocean!
I love living in NC, I never want to move!
 Hunzie working on his tan
You have to cross over these to get to the beach
They are pretty cool I think, and so pretty!


Happy Birthday Treagan!

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy out there! I love him so much and I am so glad that he is mine :) We started Treags birthday celebration on Sunday. That morning we went to our 9am church and then once it was over Treag went golfing with a bunch of vivint friends, at a pretty nice golf course right on the beach! Treagan LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to golf and he has been dying out here not being able to go. He was in 7th heaven getting some golf time in! 
 I guess this golf course if famous for all the alligators!
They didn't see any though, but his friends in the group ahead did!

After a fun 7 hours of golfing! We headed out to Texas Road House for dinner with everyone that went golfing and all of the married couples! It was fun going to dinner before midnight! This job has some great perks but Treag getting home after 10:30 every night sure isn't one of them!
 Birthday tradition for Treag, since we have been married! 
Dinner at Texas Road House
While the Hunzie was golfing I made some birthday treats for his office!
He loved these Trix Crispy Treats! 
For Treags real birthday, April 30th! He wanted to wake up early and play basketball, and he wanted me to come and watch. . . Ha So I did and it was so entertaining! The guys think he is really good, so do I :)
After playing ball Treag wanted eggs, oatmeal, and 2 pieces of bacon, with Orange Juice for breakfast! Ha healthy boy I have :)
Treag then had to go to work from 12pm-10:30 :( 
I felt bad for him all day! But we took some treats to the office meeting and they sang happy birthday to him!
 When Treag FINALLY got home I had his favorite dinner ALMOST ready for him!
Ha you would think with me having not much to do all day I would have dinner waiting for him every night!
 Treags favorite meal! 
Grilled season chicken, corn, pasta avocado salad and yummy asparagus! 
 Treags favorite Chocolate Extreme DQ Ice Cream Cake!
 Well after 11:30 we told people they could come up! Treag got calls from Tiara and his parents so we had to chat with them for a bit before we could celebrate! 
Sorry Carly we missed your call! 
Closer to 12 was when everyone started showing up and Treag was well over done with picture taking, so this is it of the birthday cake celebrators! 
I didn't forget presents of course! 
Yay for it being almost 2am and just opening gifts! Poor Treag he looks tired!
We can't forget to mention his other gifts from family that aren't shown!
Treagans parents got him a new tennis racquet for his birthday! (I should have taken a picture of him with it! He LOVES it!)
Jimmy and Carly send him a birthday card with money! Hallie and Savanah, his nieces sent him adorable pictures that are hanging on our fridge! We miss you guys! (We do want to facetime with you soon!)
My parents got him new tires for our car, gassed it up and changed the oil before we left for the summer! Not the funnest bday present but Treag LOVED it ha he didn't have to buy them!
We love you all and Treag loved the gifts!Thanks again SO much!
Yay for new cloths! 
 It looks good on him, don't you think?
I made him model his new gear ha 
 I saved the best for last! I knew he was going to go crazy over these!
New golf shoes! Lime Green! 
What a silly boy he LOVES these! 
 Happy 23rd birthday Hunzie! 
I sure do love you, and am glad that you're mine!