Soon to be a Mrs.

Treagan proposed January 17, 2011 and it was the greatest moment of my life thus far! I am beyond thrilled to marry this boy in a few short months! Read on to get all of the fun details of the proposal!
 *          *          *
The morning of my proposal was like any other.  I woke up at 6am and was at work by 6:45.  It was a holiday so we had no patients coming in, they all seriously canceled.  I was home by 11am.  Treag came over and I made him lunch. (I was throwing their plans off like crazy) Treagans mom called and said he needed to help "move one of their renters out" so he left thinking what the heck he was going to do to get me out of the house until 7?!  My mom saved the day!  She had a dentist appointment in Idaho Falls.  She told me to go with her and we would go shopping and maybe look at wedding dresses. . . Hello I so wanted to go so I told Treag I would call him when I got home in like 2 hours. . . little did I know it was a 4 hour dentist appointment and my little sister was being a "brat" and had to stop at every store in the mall twice to try on cloths.  I wanted to go home so I could hang out with Treagan on our day off of school! I was so mad, we got home around 9pm.  They dropped me off at Treags house and Konda, Treagans mom had made a yummy dinner.  Everyone had eaten dinner so I ate while they all watched and played games at the table ha.  After a late dinner Treagan and I went to his basement and watched the bachelor because I wanted to :)  Treags phone kept going off. . . like crazy actually.  And he wouldn't let me read the texts.  He always does lol.  He said the guys wanted to play ball and he was just ignoring them.  I thought that was a good answer so I dropped it. ha do I ever drop things? NO!  Once the show was over Treagan wanted to play the wii with Natalee, my little sister.  So we drove over to my house.  We pulled up to the house and got out of the car.  All the lights were off, I didn't think anyone was home.  As we were walking in Treag pointed to a huge mass of snow in my front yard and asked what it was?  I just thought, oh my dad is crazy he probably built something.  I still couldn't make out what it was.  Well of course Treag wanted to go and see what it was, so we walked over to check it out.  Right when I was close enough to see what it was little twinkle light flickered on around the temple.  I knew right then what was going on!  We walked up to it and Treagan pulled out a ring box from a little hole at the bottom of the temple.  He knelt down and proposed! It was adorable. I just bent right on down and hugged him a million times! I forgot about the ring until he pulled me off and put it on my finger! While this was all going on my family came out with signs that said, ALLIE WILL YOU MARRY ME?  And a dozen long stemmed roses!  It was amazing!  We went over to the Fullmers for ice cream after to celebrate and called everyone we knew!  It was pretty much one of the best days of my life! I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling well neither of us could for that matter :)