Happy Birthday

My birthday started out great! We woke up and went to breakfast at Panera Bread, I love that place! It was so yummy, best way to start off a birthday if you ask me.  Right after breakfast though Treag had to hurry home and get ready for work. He was pretty excited about one gift though so he had me open it before he left. I was beyond excited too. He spoils me. Once Treag left for work I went and hung out with my friends at one of the malls down here. We spent the day shopping and then got a treat and headed home.

Treagan didn't get home until after 11 dang it, but he brought home pizza and doughnuts! It was a pretty fun idea of his with the candles and all. He sang me happy birthday and we ate some yummy doughnuts on national doughnut day!  He's the sweetest. We opened up the rest of my gifts and then we went to bed because Treag had to be by 8 for work!


River Walk

I have been begging Treagan to take me to down town San Antonio since we got here. It's so dang hot and lately very humid with all the rain we are getting so. . . We haven't gone until now. We of course waited until about 7:30 to head out hoping that the temp would go down a little, which it did. . . A little. Down town has quite the night life I might add. It was fun to people watch. First stop was the Alamo. I've never been, even though we have lived here before. It really is a pretty building. We didn't go inside because it was closed. We walked around for about 2 hours exploring down town before we got tired and headed home. It really is gorgeous. We stopped at a Haagen-Dazs ice cream shop on our way out. They love Bill Clinton there, which is a surprise being Texas and all. They even had an ice cream named after him. I guess he goes there. Go figure.

 That wink kills me

 Not sure what this is. . . We just took a picture and awed over and left ha

I loved the bridge in the background. . . Not so much the picture of me. It's all in the detail down here I loved it
I love the little tiles on all the stairs.

The stop taking pictures and hurry up look. 
Love it