Part 3

I have been terrible about finishing up our cruise post so here in the last of it! Hurray! We headed down to Salt Lake the morning before our flight to Florida because Treags company has a suite for the Jazz games! It was so much fun to hang out in the suite! When I would get bored I would just head up to the bar and grab some food and chat with the other wives. Or eat all the gummy candies I wanted, it was amazing! I think I gained 5 pounds just at the game! While we were finding parking for the game I noticed that I LEFT my PASSPORT home!!! I almost cried! We were going to have to drive all the way back to Rexburg to get it ugh! While we were at the game we noticed that one of the couples didn't make it to the game and were going to come down tomorrow just to catch the flight! Thank goodness! We had to bring my passport, they were such a life saver! That next day we just hung out and did some shopping for the cruise, ate more food and just chilled, because we were catching the red eye. Okay NEVER take a red eye. You think you will be able to sleep the whole way there right? Wrong there is always a screaming baby, or a little kid behind you kicking your seat constantly! Lets just say it was the worst flight of Treag and my lifes, and if you remember on our honeymoon I got sick the day we were flying there, that was pretty bad. . . We had a two hour layover in Charlotte NC. Which is where Treag spent the morning trying to sleep and I spent it walking around the airport while it opened, it is 6am there 4am in Utah!

 Treag trying to get some sleep
We left cold snowy/raining Rexburg
to the wonderful weather in the Bahamas! 

 We got these right when we got on the boat to our rooms! 
They of course were delish!
 Sailing to Coco Cay
 Our dinner group! 
Beau, Jacki, Corey, & Calene
 Our towel creatures 

 Treag played in the ships basketball game and they won!