Top Golf

We went to Top Golf about a week ago with Treags office. Treagan was in heaven being able to "golf" He hasn't been all summer and I know how badly he wants to get back to Idaho so he can again. We got to Top Golf around 6 and Zak did a little drawing. Every sale the reps had on Friday and Saturday, they got to put a ticket in a hat for those sales. Treag had 5 tickets and he won the top price. Some way too expensive head phones! He loves them and was pretty excited he won them.  After the raffle we all hit golf balls and ordered some dinner.  We golfed with Madison and Kirby, we love them! Its been so fun selling with them this last month! Once we finished our game, Treag and Kirby wanted to play another game with Marshal and Alex. We went to the top floor which was way different from being on the bottom. The top is better! It was a fun little get a way up to Austin for the day seeing our friends in the other office!

 The 3 winners! 
Marshal got a gift card and Tyson got a Go Pro
I know the lighting is horrible its either too dark like the top pic,
or too bright light the lower one!
We love these two!