I'm back!!! I lost my camera deal that uploads pictures to the computer ha I am starting off with Thanksgiving :) This year the Hunzie and I were with my family for the holiday. Of course my family was unsure of what we were doing until the day before! We were staying in Rexburg, then going to Island park with my moms family, then Preston, and it went back and forth for the entire month! We ended up in Preston. . . My gramps is going through a very nasty divorce with his second wife and he had nothing in the house at the time, so we ate thanksgiving dinner in the TV room watching TV! Treagan didn't mind I don't think :) Friday we headed home and decided to stop in Idaho Falls and see if we could score some Black Friday deals, and Treagan sure did! It was a fun holiday with the family!

 Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween the Hunzie and I didn't dress up :( this is the first year that I didn't! boo I know, my husband is a bit of a party pooper. To be honest I didn't really push it too much I didn't feel like I had time to plan and buy something for us to be.  This semester is taking up all of my time! Next year! We did however have a little Halloween get together with a few of our married friends (Treags family) :) I made some yummy food for us and everyone brought a little treat. We watched a football game, of course, and played some catch phrase and had a ping pong tournament. It was a pretty fun night, can't wait for next year! We will dress up!!!
Kelsi and Caleb were the only ones that dressed up! 
 I made this Halloween pumpkin! This was all the decorating we did this year! Yes so lame! 
Treags mom is doing a big craft fair this week at Town and Country Gardens in IF and I made these tonight, so I decided I should add them to the page :)
         The Fullmers