Mr. & Mrs.

On April 8, 2011 I woke up to snow! If any of you know Rexburg you know it can snow in July so waking up to snow in April wasn't to big of a surprise.  I of course was wishing for perfect weather on my wedding day so I was a little upset at the sight of snow covering the ground! Lucky for us it melted around 11 and it turned out to be a beautiful, freezing day! Two of my very best friends slept over the night before the big day, Sally and Kierea. I couldn't sleep at all. I was tossing and turning all night.  I honestly was a little nervous.  You hear the stories of the groom or bride walking out the day of the wedding.  I knew Treag wasn't going to but when he said yes that afternoon in the sealing it brought a wave of relief!  Anyway while I was getting ready (doing my makeup) Sally did my hair and made me breakfast, what a doll! I couldn't ask for a better friend.  For some reason I was just taking my time with everything so I was kind of in a rush!  Right when I was ready Treagan came and picked me up for family pictures at the ballroom.  Oh and Treagan for some reason didn't answer his phone once that morning when I tried calling him. . . yes it freaked me out a little bit ha He just showed up at 11! After the pictures Treagan and I had to run home to change and go to the temple.  My family wasn't there and I had no idea where my things were.  And of course no one carries their cell phones on days like that! I was hunting the house and looking everywhere.  My parents were already at the temple with almost everything.  They didn't know what they had and I didn't know either! ha it was a stressful 30 minutes. I ended up being about 30 minutes late to the temple (You should be an hour early) Our guests beat us there! ha The wedding sealing was amazing!  It was the best feeling in the world knowing that I was married forever to my best friend!
It had been raining the whole time we were in the temple and it stopped right when we walked out. Lucky us! The ground was wet, soaking actually. It was fun and embarrassing walking out of the temple. Everyone was cheering and the photographer was trying to get our attention while Treagan nieces and nephews were running up! After we took some awesome pictures of everyone at the temple we headed to the ballroom for the lunchen. We ate a yummy dinner while Treags and our dads gave a speech about us.  My dads was amazing can I say? Everyone came up and said what a good job he did. I was so proud! We cut the cake at the end of dinner before the guests left.  It was the best cake I have ever had! Yummy.  About 45 minutes before the reception was suppose to start we had guests arriving... ha I wasn't even in my dress, try my juicy sweats! So I ran and changed and we started greeting our guests for about 4 /2 hours. . . a lot of people showed up! My reception was beautiful! We had an amazing string  quartet come and play, yummy food and chocolates, great decorations I loved it! I loved my centerpieces and tables they were beautiful couldn't have been more pleased with Sally! Right when the reception was over we were on our way to SLC to stay at my favorite hotel, Hotel Monaco and then the next morning to catch our flight to the Western Caribbean Islands.  It was the 2nd best day of my life. . . This is funny but Treagan and I both agree the best day was when he showed up on my doorstep the night he got off his mission, Not being able to talk or see him for 2 years! ha Yes that day beats the wedding but not by much!
 My siblings I love so much!

 Treagan is part of the Willis fam :) 
 My mama she did so much for my wedding! Added little things to make it perfect! 
 My bouquet isn't it just to die for? I thought so 

 Ben and Aubreys family! They are so stinking cute are they not?

My new nieces and nephews! 

 Some refreshments

 The tables. I just adored them! 

 All 8 of Treagans nieces and nephews 
 The Fullmer Family 
 The Fullmer kids ha big family right! 

My new sisters 
Tiara, Brittany, Carly, Aubrey, me and Summer (Jakes soon to be wife)

My best friends!
Sally, Kierea, Kacie, and Leslie!
 Just walked out of the temple. First time as Mr. and Mrs. Treagan Fullmer

 Treag LOVES Brooklyn!
I'm married! ha can you believe it? I sure can't still! Its too good to be true!
 The little nieces and nephews holding us my dress so it doesn't get wet!

 My beautiful cake! I got to use my great grandmas brooch for the cake!

 Cutting the cake!

On our way for the honeymoon!

      The Fullmers


  1. So Cute I am sad I missed it!

  2. congrats ali! you two are an adorable couple!

  3. oh my gosh these pictures are to die for! I LOVE your wedding colors.. SO beautiful!