Kates Mission Call

Kate is going a mission! I wont lie to you, I was pretty sad when she put her papers in.  I hate the idea of her being gone for almost 2 years!
When she got her mission call we waited ALL day to have her open it. Megan goes to BYU so she jumped in the car and drove home to be there to see Kate open her call.
We went to my grandmas in Idaho Falls and started guessing where she would go. 
She just got back from Thailand and she did NOT want to go back. It's too hot there she thinks. So we avoided that location.
My Aunt Better and Uncle John were in CA so we had them on Face Time.
My Uncle John has a good record with guessing the correct mission. 
Guess what, he did it again.
Kate is going to Ukraine, Russian speaking!   
Congrats Kitty!
We love you


Halloween 2014

One of my all time favorite holidays. 
I love getting to dress up. Doing crazy makeup for the night.
This year I convinced Treagan we should dress up as characters from my new favorite movie
Meet Diablo and Maleficent

 This guy though
 We just love our sleepy Charlotte


Fullmer Reunion

Treagans family had a reunion the first of October. It was fun to see everyone together, the last time we were all together was April 2013. The get together lasted about a week. There were probably only 3 days that everyone was together though. We went to Island Park and stayed in a cabin which was nice because there was enough room for everyone to stay there. Island park is beautiful this time of year!  Treagan and I of course loved playing with all the little kids and getting to cuddle the new babies Myka and Ava! Treagan and I had to head to Provo for 2 days for some work meetings and I got to spend some time with my friends Bree and sister Megan while he was at meetings. We left Thursday morning and got back in time for family pictures! A lot of the family left Saturday afternoon. 
 Baby Myka
 Lots of little girls!
These three are too cute
Ava & Savannah 
The entire Fullmer family