Some Wedding Day Pictures!

Well 2. . . I was so excited when I saw Nicole posted these 2.  Still I wait for more! She said by the end of the month they would be done. . . 2 more days! Looks like 2 is the magic number for this post ha



I still haven't gotten pictures from my wedding back yet. . . I know it takes a while but I am totally getting impatient!  So here are the bridals and as soon as I get the pictures from the wedding I will post them!



We made it back from the honeymoon safe and sound! It was quite a little adventure! I got sick Saturday morning! It was horrible going through the airport aching! I started feeling better the Sunday when we got on the boat.  Treag got sick then on Wednesday, so we didn’t get off the boat that day. We missed Belize :( The trip was a blast, minus the flu!  Our first day we where at sea so we just hung out on the boat.  I was still not feeling too great so we took it easy. We went to shows they had, ate yummy food, and just walked around and explored the place! 
Tuesday we where on the island of Cozumel!  We decided to get mopeds! I am so glad that we did! It was seriously a blast riding around the island and doing whatever we wanted for the day!  Cozumel is only 40 miles long so we got to see it all, and it’s beautiful.  We decided to go to the beach for a few hours before we had to head back to the boat. We found a cute little spot with beach chairs to relax on and a bar right on the beach! We got a few 7ups and just relaxed and swam around in the gorgeous blue water!
 Us in Cozumel,  I know I look like a dork but that helmet was 10 sizes too big! 
Thursday we where at Mahogany Bay, Honduras.  The cruise ship owns part of the island, so they have it separated from the rest of Honduras with a huge brick wall. I'm not sure how much I liked not being able to explore the island as we pleased but they had made their section a nice little resort style island for us so it was still pretty sweet. Right when we got off there where American shops lining the wall.  There also was a gorgeous little beach for us to hang out at for the day.  The beach was fantastic! LOVED it.  They had beach chairs to lay on,  and floating beds to float on in the ocean, live music! This was one of our favorite days! Well they all where but you all have to go here someday! 

Friday was our last island and we both think was the most fun we had all week! We got to swim with the stingrays! I have been to Grand Cayman before so I was super excited to go back!  I knew exactly what we where going to do this day.  We got off the boat at 9am and booked a trip to go to Stingray City.  Grand Cayman has a sandbar in the middle of the ocean here!  Its about at hour boat ride to it and when you get there the water comes up to your waist and the stingrays are everywhere!  I was the first one out of the boat and I was trying to catch one of these beautiful creatures!  They are HUGE might I add but they will just lay in your arms, and they feel like velvet! One of the workers let me feed one! So crazy, you just put your hand in the water by its mouth and it will suck the squid out of your hand! It was a little scary because the dude said to hide my thumb in my hand or it will try to eat that too! Treag was a little scared of them at first but then I forced him to get in there and hold one! He liked them but he was worried he would get stung so he kept his distance.  It was such a neat experience and I cant wait to go back and do it again! 

 Treagan wouldn't kiss the stingray so I kissed her and he kissed me ha

  We also snorkeled! Treag was a little fish out there! 

 We played some mini golf and Hunzie got 2 hole in ones the little twerp! I was winning until then :(

We ate lots of ice cream 
 We ate lots of yummy food! 
Yes we ate a lot!
We loved going for walks around the boat at nights and watching the sun set in the ocean
We had a blast on our cruise! We are already planning our next one for sometime next year!