Christmas 2013

This year we were at the Fullmers for Christmas, and my family went to California so we got to spend it all with them. Chad, Brittany, Treag and I were the only ones that stayed Christmas Eve. Treag kept teasing Brynn that he was going to eat Santas cookies. . . She did not like that, or him for that matter. It was hilarious because she wouldn't take her eyes off him.  Christmas morning we opened gifts and hung out until Jimmy, Carly and their family, and Blake, Tiara, and Keaton got there later that afternoon. Konda made a yummy dinner for everyone and we went around the table telling what we were thankful for. It was such a fun relaxing day. Later that week the rest of the Fullmers got to Rexburg. We spent it playing games, watching the boys play Madden, and doing other fun activities.
The Hunzie and I Christmas morning 
The tree
 Brynn is so dang cute!

 Little Lexie
The Fullmer fam
just missing the Parkinsons

 Whitney and Brynn
 Hallie and Brooklyn fresh out of the hot tub
 Savanah and Treag
We love her!