Kates Mission Call

Kate is going a mission! I wont lie to you, I was pretty sad when she put her papers in.  I hate the idea of her being gone for almost 2 years!
When she got her mission call we waited ALL day to have her open it. Megan goes to BYU so she jumped in the car and drove home to be there to see Kate open her call.
We went to my grandmas in Idaho Falls and started guessing where she would go. 
She just got back from Thailand and she did NOT want to go back. It's too hot there she thinks. So we avoided that location.
My Aunt Better and Uncle John were in CA so we had them on Face Time.
My Uncle John has a good record with guessing the correct mission. 
Guess what, he did it again.
Kate is going to Ukraine, Russian speaking!   
Congrats Kitty!
We love you


Halloween 2014

One of my all time favorite holidays. 
I love getting to dress up. Doing crazy makeup for the night.
This year I convinced Treagan we should dress up as characters from my new favorite movie
Meet Diablo and Maleficent

 This guy though
 We just love our sleepy Charlotte


Fullmer Reunion

Treagans family had a reunion the first of October. It was fun to see everyone together, the last time we were all together was April 2013. The get together lasted about a week. There were probably only 3 days that everyone was together though. We went to Island Park and stayed in a cabin which was nice because there was enough room for everyone to stay there. Island park is beautiful this time of year!  Treagan and I of course loved playing with all the little kids and getting to cuddle the new babies Myka and Ava! Treagan and I had to head to Provo for 2 days for some work meetings and I got to spend some time with my friends Bree and sister Megan while he was at meetings. We left Thursday morning and got back in time for family pictures! A lot of the family left Saturday afternoon. 
 Baby Myka
 Lots of little girls!
These three are too cute
Ava & Savannah 
The entire Fullmer family



One of my very best friends lives in Portland Oregon while her husband is going to dental school. She had the most darling baby boy at the first of the summer and I have been dying to get my hands on him ever since! Treagan also served his mission in Portland and its only a 7 or 8 hour drive so we decided that we needed to make a trip up there. I fell in love with Portland, or just that general area actually. We were gone almost a week, well 6 days to be exact and we packed it full of fun things.

 Day 1 We went down town with Kacie and her kids. They literally live 10 minutes from down town. We got to see all of the touristy sites that are a must. We ate at the food buses, oh my gosh. I don't even care. They are so dang good! The rest of the week I just wanted to go back to that Mexican food truck. Kacie the kids and I went to Nordstrom to do some shopping while Treag headed to Nike. The babies got tired after a few hours so they went home and Treag and I decided to go to the Temple. 
Ellie Kacies oldest is 4!
Treag and I are beyond in love with her! 
She is hilarious
She told me kid plates aren't that classy so she doesn't like to use them!
We didn't actually get a doughnut but we still wanted a picture or two in front of VooDoo
 The Portland temple is beyond gorgeous! 
The location alone is unreal 
I'm in love with it
The last stop of the day was to one of the apartment complexes Treag lived in while on his mission. We just had to get a goofy picture of him in front of the mail boxes since he got many of letters from me there. 
Isn't Beckham just yummy! 
Cutest little guy ever
 Day 2 Treagan and I went to Multnomah Falls. Have I said how much I love Oregon? I honestly could live here, I wish we did. There is so many active things to do and it just beautiful. So Treagan told me that this was an easy hike and we could be up and down in 20 minutes. Kacie and Jason were secretly laughing and told me it may take a little longer than that. . . They stayed home because 3 kids, and those little trails didn't sound that fun to them, and now after doing it I don't blame them at all! 
I started the hike jogging up it. That was a mistake. After a few turns I was ready for it to be over. It took us 30 minutes to just get to the top. The view was actually gorgeous so I wasn't too mad at Treag over estimating my ability to hike.
 Treagan capturing me dying perfectly
He is never looking at the camera
 The mini waterfall at the top of the mountain
 We obviously took a lot of pictures of ourselves

Day 3 We woke up and went to Church with Kacie and her family and then after that we headed to Cannon beach. It was so cold and windy! What the heck it was 90 when we left Portland. It was still gorgeous. Our first stop was getting some yummy ice cream and looking around at some of the little shops. Treagans first area was Cannon beach and he lived with a member in their guest house right on the beach with a breathtaking view. I was pretty jealous. We walked along the beach to see Haystack and by the time we got there I was freezing so we headed back to the shops to get some salt water taffy. Lets just say we got way more than we needed. It was so fun picking out all the crazy flavors though. 
After a few hours at the beach we went to a football field for a birthday party of one of Treags first converts. It was really fun meeting some of the people that Treag taught and baptized. I think it was a really neat experience for Treag to see them again and then see how far they have come. 
 The view from Treagans old house.
yeah its unreal
 After the birthday party we went to Astoria. It was getting pretty chilly but we had to see the sea lions. They were so cool! And there were so many of them. It was really fun to watch them swim and jump around. We didn't last too long but I felt like we got some good pictures. We jumped back in the car and headed to the column.
 The view from the Column