Vivint Backend Party/ Wedding

This past weekend was a busy one for Treag and I. Well Saturday was! We started the morning at Dan and Shea's wedding. I absolutely love weddings and this one was adorable! They were both so excited I loved it! Right after the ceremony we headed down to Utah to make the party!
 The new Mr. and Mrs. Griffen!
 I love this picture I snapped!
 Congrats Dan and Shae! 
We love you both 
Vivints party was actually really fun! It was a carnival theme and they had all the rides to go with it! They had tons of yummy food. I'm pretty sure I ate enough candy to last a life time! Unlimited cotton candy, starbursts, m&m's, twizlers, yes I was in trouble! Oh and they had JDogs cater have you ever eaten there? You should they were so good!
 Um yes it was a crazy mad house there for a while!
 This is the only pic we have taken together in a long time! 
We were waiting in line for the free nikes they were giving out!
 Michelle Money is down there on the dirt! Ha I love her and Vivint hired her for this year!
 They had motor cross bikers racing and gators racing for each region. Then for each place the the gators came in that region got prizes. Treag region got 6th so he got some pretty fun prizes!
 They ended the night with an amazing firework show! It lasted a little longer than a half hour! They were awesome and we were right under them!

Our Lives as of Lately

We packed up out tiny apartment in Fayetteville NC and made the LONG trek home back to Rexburg! Not much has been going on but here is a little run down


 The second we pulled into my parents driveway treag and I wanted to lay on the grass! Rexburg really does have great grass ha
 We both started school! 
And it is wearing Treag and Charlotte out!

 We also have been playing with the Jeppesens! 
We love love them!

 Oh yes, Codyann had another adorable little girl! 
Meet Piper Hazel
I adore her! She is such a sweet baby!

 We have been loving the cooler weather 
Fires at the parents have been a favorite
 Treags football games and these cute little guys!