Harry Potter

Treagan and I were finally able to go and see the last Harry Potter movie last night! I cried like a baby the entire time, it was quite ridiculous I must say.  Can you believe that there are no more books? No more movies?  I remember reading my first one in 4th grade, and then not being able to wait for the next one to come out! I've read all the books multiple times, listened to them on CD, (if you haven't done this yet I strongly suggest you do it now! The guy the reads it is just amazing! To say the least) and watched all the moves more times than I can count! I LOVE Harry Potter!  

I LOVE Snape! 
And now people finally understand why! He is so sweet I just cried for him during this movie! Aw I wish he didn't die :(

Treag got of work super early yesterday. . . 7pm!  It RAINED here in San Antonio for the first time in a little over 3 months! And when I say it rained it poured!  Thunder, lightning the whole thing.  I loved every minute of it!  Well the boys got rained out so they had to come home early.  I was super surprised to see my Hunzie soaking wet standing in my door way.  First thing he said is, lets go see Harry Potter! So thats just what we did.  We had to get late tickets 11:45pm of course because everything was full right away.  That was okay we did a little shopping at Treags favorite store, TJ Max haha they have really nice ones out here I kind of like them :) And then we went to dinner at TGI Fridays.  It was super yummy! By that time we had a little over 40 minutes before our movie started so we rushed over and got our seats.  

Okay theaters here in San Antonio are SUPER nice! They are not the theaters I'm used to from Utah and Idaho.  This one had little golf carts to take you to your movie, better chairs to sit in than what we have at our apartment :) Freshly backed cookies, fudge, and any other baked goods you could think of.  Thats not all, they had gelato ice cream, and Italian ice. . . Can I say more?  Step it up Idaho :) Treag was in heaven because if you don't know he is a treat freak. 
 It's nice right? :)

The movie was better than I expected!  Like I said I LOVE Harry Potter!  We saw it in IMAX 3D which was pretty sweet at times, but if you haven't seen it yet and are debating if you should see it in 3D don't.  The movie is so dark, with the black cloths, dark castle, dark forest, that with the dark glasses on you could hardly make out their faces.  Well you could but it was better when I took the glasses off until I noticed everything was fuzzy with out them :( But the movie was still great! I loved spending time with the Hunzie!
We look goofy I know 

We got home at 2 and we were super tired!

         The Fullmers


  1. I'm so glad you guys loved the movie! I loved it too! it was soo good and I love Snape too! I totally bawled for him!!!!! That movie theater looks awesome. We have a few really nice ones like that in FL! Glad you were able to have a date night!!

  2. So jealous! Everytime we want to go it's too crowded and although our kids are pretty good during movies, they do need a LITTLE room :-( but I'm hoping we'll go to a Sunday matinee!
    I loved the rain too! Mak kept begging to go dance in it!