Last week Treagans parents flew into town for a little visit. Treag still had to work so I ending up being their tour guide of the great town of San Antonio! The day they flew in they were pretty tired so we went and got lunch at Which Which, and then I dropped them off at their hotel to take a little nap until Treag got home. The next day we woke up early and took them to our gym, got some breakfast there, hung out at the gyms pool, and Konda got her hair cut at the gyms spa. Treagan has to be at work by noon so we fit a lot in that short amount of time. After he left we headed to the Chinese Tea Garden. It was under construction so that was a little disappointing because the water was all drained. . . and its July. . . It was still beautiful though. After that we went and hung out at the mall where Rex and Konda got some new clothes to wear for the 4th.

The morning of the 4th Treag had to be up and gone by 8:30am but we thought he would be home around noon to start the holiday off! We hung out at our apartments pools trying to get a little sun tan while waiting for him. Treag called around 1:00 saying it would be closer to 2:00 and then I got a text saying more like 3:00. . . then 4:00 ha he finally pulled in around 5:30. He was dead tired so Rex, Konda, and Treag watched The World Cup and then we headed over to Six Flags water park. Once we got there Treags parents decided they didn't really want to spend $200 for just a few hours there so we went back home changed and went to dinner at Rudys. We love Rudys BBQ! Seriously some of the best in Texas! Oh and did I mention we had a little rain storm that started up around 7 and didn't end until about 11? The fire works show we wanted to go to got canceled due to the rain. . . Just our luck. Luckily Treagan had bought some fireworks and sparklers earlier that day, so we lit those and had our own little private show later that night. We were all in bed close to 11, how lame are we?

On Saturday Treag left for work before any of us were even out of bed! Once the rest of us rolled out of bed and got ready we headed down town. We started our day with a tour of down town on a Double Decker tour bus. It was really fun sitting up top, until it got so hot I wanted to die, so I went back down where the AC was! Our first stop on the tour was Pearl Village. They have an adorable farmers market there. (I went a few years ago and completely forgot it was there! I obviously will be going back now.) They had "cooking classes" on the street, we had lots of yummy samples from that! Gorgeous flowers and tons of organic everything. Rex and Konda wanted to tour the Pearl Brewery so we headed over to make the noon tour. The building used to be this gorgeous stable for Pearl Beers horses. They have sense turned it into a gorgeous wedding or event center. But they still have a lot of the old pieces in it from the early 1900's. Once that was over we got back on the bus and toured a few fun little shops, and the Spanish Governors Palace before we started getting hungry. We stopped to have lunch at Mi Tieras. I have been told by everyone it's the place to eat when you are downtown. Everyone else must have gotten that memo because we waited an hour and a half outside in the hot San Antonio heat before we got seated. . . Honestly it wasn't that great. Their bakery on the other hand was amazing! You live and you learn. After our late lunch (dinner) we went to the Alamo, and the River Walk. It was a long but very fun day. Once we got home we were all pretty tired so we watched some TV and I fell asleep :) Treag got home after 11. . . and surprisingly there is nothing opengood open after 11 here. . . So we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner ha

On Sunday we woke up, got ready for church, hit sacrament, and then hurried home, ate some lunch and then headed to Austin for the day. Traffic was horrible, and that's an understatement! Treagan of course had to stop at the San Marcos shopping center. They have the closest Nike store to us. . . He wanted new shoes. Once we got to Austin we started the day out by exploring the Texas Longhorns Stadium. Toured the "famous" 6th Street, and the capital building. Sunday was brutally hot so we tried to stay in the car and check out some of the sights ha One of our friends told us about a little "trailer park picnic" area. They just have all these buses/trailers set up in a little "park" We got some dinner at Tourcheys. Oh.My.Heck! it was SO good! I got their Mr Orange which is a salmon taco it was delish. We all loved it. On our way home we stopped at Buc-ees. Its one of the biggest gas stations in the nation. It literally has 50 gas pumps, and walls and walls of their homemade candies! I loved it.

Treag's Parents left Monday night. We went and got them some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts while they slept and had breakfast with Treag before he left, which was at 11! We spent the morning at the pool and then went and got some dinner before I dropped them off at the airport. We had a great time with them. We wish more family would come visit us! :)