Treagans office took all of the guys that sold more their second half of the summer, than the first, and their wives on a cruise in December! We seriously had so much fun! We love the people that he works with so it was a blast getting to spend a week long vacation with them! Our favorite stop was Nassau Bahamas! We got of the boat early that morning and got in a big van with a crazy driver that loves the Miami Heat lol he was a hoot lets leave it at that! We went right to the Atlantis resort and got our tickets to their water park. This was by far the coolest place I have ever been to! It felt like you were really in Atlantis the lost island. Everything was decked out to look and feel like you were there. We went on slide after slide, and back on the same slides. They had a "lazy" river that was not so lazy lol it had HUGE rapids that flipped mine and treags tube more than once ha Okay so some parts were a little lazy but for the most part it was a pretty realistic river. All of the slides were intense, there were no semi big rides, they were all HUGE, or kiddy for babies literally. Treagan was in heaven, and after my first ride on their biggest ride so was I!
      Vivint had lunch for us at the resort, and can I tell you it was the best food that I have ever had! They had a big buffet set up for all the Vivint workers that were there, (a big group of close to 200 were there besides us that were staying that the resort.) Everything was amazing and Treag and I both went back for seconds and then got a double helping of desert. The desert was unreal ha 8 different kinds of cheese cakes literally, cakes, pies, fruits anything you could think of. Can you tell I loved the food ha They also had Vivint game cards, chap stick, water, and sunscreen for us, how fun :)
      After lunch we went back to the water park for a few more hours, and then we decided to head to the beach. Vivint had reserved a big section of the beach for us, so it was just us there! It was a blast! The ocean was unreal! It was gorgeous! I couldn't believe how beautiful it was! Treag snorkeled like a little fish for a good hour, while Bree, one of the wives, and I took pictures, laid out, and swam around in the warm water. After a while all of the guys decided to have a sprinting race in the sand. When it was Treags turn he started running and then face planted it! It was so funny we were all dying laughing! Don't worry everyone took their turn Treagan was just the first to trip lol
      That night around 9pm we put our swim covers on and headed to the most expensive buffet that I've heard of, or been to lol paid by Treag boss, who was their on vacation too. Once again the food was amazing! It was inside the Atlantis resort, which was unreal itself. Everything was marble and huge, it felt like you were in the real Atlantis, which I think was their idea lol they also had seriously like a 100 ft Christmas trees all over! It was gorgeous! We loved Nassau, it was by far the most beautiful place I have ever been too! We can't wait to go back someday! 
 Us just getting to Atlantis!

 Most of the gang
 This slide was super scary! 
You went on a slide the was completely straight down in the pitch dark!
You ended up in this fish tank room! It was so neat!
 This tube ride was crazy! Ups and downs and curves, it felt more like a roller coaster than a slide, it was a little freaky!
 Yes thats me! 
This slide was unreal! straight down into a shark tank!
The guys went down this a 100 times racing each other! 
 Oh yea they had an awesome "fish tanks"
this is a manta ray HUGE 

Yes my hair is wild to say the least 

 More of the resort
 Treag and I at the famous arch!

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