The Drive to North Carolina

 I took this pic when we had been on the road for a few hours!
What a LONG drive!
 Wyoming, our first state out of Idaho. 
It was so flat!
 Day 1. we went through...
We stayed in Highland Heights for the night with our friends parents  
St. Louis! I wanted to stop and look around but the weather was crappy :(
 Day 2.
 We hit horrid weather this day! It put an extra 3 or 4 hours on the road. We woke up at 9 and were on the road by 9:30 and didn't get into St. Louis until 1:00 am! There were tornado warnings that evening and we were just missing them! We would get out of the clear a few hours before the weather got really bad. That night when we got to Blue Springs Missouri, the weather report said the town 3 hours away was going to get hail the size as baseballs coming down in 3 hours! So we tried to hurry and miss them! We did for the most part but boy was the weather nasty! 
 Day 3.
North Carolina 
 The weather was still pretty bad until we started to drop down into Kentucky. I loved Illinois! I can't believe my parents moved from there to Idaho ha. As you can see it is so green and gorgeous!
 Annie liked sitting here on the ride to NC lol Treag not so much, but he was a good sport and let her stay like this for a good hour
 Ohio River!
I thought this bridge was pretty neat
 We only got to drive by Nashville :( I wanted to go explore or stop to eat but it was 5:00 and traffic stunk 
 We hit one BIG BUG
Welcome to Tennessee!
This seriously is the most gorgeous state I have ever been to!
Vivint take us here next year!
Seriously look how gorgeous the highway is! 
 The kittens on the drive!
They slept under my feet the entire drive, I LOVE them! 
 This little lady is a hoot! 
She sleeps like this all the time, tongue out and all
The drive was long but we are loving being here in NC! We love the weather and being to close to the beach!


Easter 2012

Happy Easter!
This Easter was also our 1 year anniversary :) and Tiara, Treagans little sister blessed their new baby boy Keaton on Easter as well! It was a busy but fun day with the Fullmer family! I honestly have been the worst on taking pictures lately but I am starting a new goal this summer :) More pictures! This is the only one I took all day. Treagan with his Easter basket, I hid it and guess what he couldn't find it! I did better this year!