I still can't believe that a year ago I got engaged to my sweet husband. What I really can't believe is that we have been married for almost a year! It is crazy how fast time goes the older you get.
      A year ago today I was waking up getting ready for work at 5am thinking nothing special is going to happen. It was a Monday, and a holiday so I knew work would be slow. . . and was it ever slow! Everyone canceled, so Jody sent me home at 10am. I was so exited to have the day off, I called Treag and had him come over for lunch at 11:30. I made tacos and we hung out until his mother needed help moving their renters. "Help moving" was actually get home and get this engagement going! I threw Treagan off when I didn't have work. They were planing on building the snow temple while I was at gone. My mom saved the day and took me shopping in IF, so I thought. She had a 4 hour dentist appointment! By the time she was done I was ready to get home and go to the gym with treag. Little did I know he was hard at work and my mom and my sister, Megan were stalling for time. We went to ever store in the little IF mall at least 3 times! They were driving me nuts! When they got the word "it" was finished we finally headed home. Might I add I had gotten ready at 5:00am and it is now close to 9:00pm. My mom is trying to do my makeup at the mall, I wanted nothing to do with it, I wanted to get home! I wish I would have let her for pictures sake! I was dropped off at Tragans house and he had a very nice dinner waiting for me, everyone else had eaten and was playing games at the table watching me eat. ha After dinner we went down and watched a little TV before he said lets go to your house and play the wii. So thats just what we did. When we pulled up to my parents house all the lights were off. Treag noticed a big mass of snow in my front yard and wanted to go over and see what it was, I thought my dad and Andrew had gotten crazy with the snow while I was gone. Right when I could tell it was a temple little twinkling lights turned on around it! It was adorable. We kept walking to it and Treagan knelt down and asked me to marry him. I was so giddy, it was one of the best feelings knowing I was newly engaged! LOVED it! After the proposal we headed over to Fullmers with my family for a little celebration! Konda had her ice cream cake waiting for us! What a great night that was, and I can't believe its been a year!


Happy New Year

2011 was a great year for the Hunzie and I! We got engaged, married, moved to Texas, started school, had an awesome summer! It was just a great year! I wanted to do a little recap of the year with 11 of my favorite memories for 2011
11.  Treagan proposed on January 17, 2011
He built this AMAZING snow temple

10. Treagan and I were married April 8, 2011
It was such an amazing day

 9.We had an amazing honeymoon to the Caribbean ! 
Even though we both go sick it was still a blast!

8. Swimming with sting rays!
By far one of the coolest things I've done

  7. Treagan brought home little Annie! 
We LOVE her soo much!

 6. Sea World Passes! 
I LOVED this place, I could have lived there

 5. Six Flag passes!
This one Treags highlight of the year I'm sure! He loved going in the mornings before work!

4. Touring Texas
There were too many places and pictures to name them all

 3. Flag football games!

2. Jazz Games
Treag went to more than I did :(

1. Since we got married I got nieces and nephews! 
We both got new in-laws! 

Happy New Years!