Catch Up

I have been the worlds worst blogger lately!  Since we got home we have been busy with school, babysitting for days at a time, and me getting sick for a good week (still not feeling the greatest!) Well I'm done with all my homework and the Hunzie has the car playing basketball :) I'm home watching the braves baseball game for him so I can tell him how it goes down. Oh my life ha:) So while I am watching this game that has gone in the "over time" multiple times I going to try and catch up with this blog :) First off my mamas cat had kittens! 7 of them! And they are all so stinking adorable! Anyone want a kitten? :) All of the little neighborhood girls are always knocking on the door wanting to come in the see the kittens, its pretty fun!

Meg with the kidos 
One of Treagans favorite mission companions was up in Pocatello for a school rodeo.  We of course had to go up and watch him do his thing!  It was really fun to be honest ha Jason won the events that he was in so that was really fun cheering him on!  After 3 hours of rodeo watching we went to dinner with Jason and his mom.  It was a blast talking to them and listening to Jason and Treag tell us hilarious mission stories! We miss Jason! I wish he went to school up here with us! 
 Blurry I know but its the cowboy himself on his horse 

This past weekend Katelyn went to her first high school dance!  It was so much fun watching her get ready and she looked just adorable! Her date was super cute to if I say so myself! 
This isn't the best photo but camera phone and they were not looking at me :)
The Hunzie had his first flag football game of the season!  He has been so excited about this game.  Treag did amazing of course I was a proud wifey!  They ended up winning 40 something to 6 I think. . . Yes they are just too good.

Now until Monday The Hunzie and I are babysitting the Jeppesens again! Yes I am really excited about this :) I love these little kidos and I have a blast playing with them! I hope they like me as much as I like them!
This is how I found her!  We were playing "cows" I went to get the front door and walked back and she was out cold! So adorable I couldn't stop laughing 


We Made it Home!

We finally made it home! Yes it was about two weeks ago, but I haven't had time to update the blog or do anything really worthy of blogging :) When we got home our apartment wasn't ready to move into yet so we hung out at my parents house for a few days and then we had to babysit one of my favorite families, the Jeppesens, for the week and then school started the day we finished up! School has been crazy busy but lots of fun! I love my classes and I think Treagan is really liking his as well!
Anyway we made it home from Texas!  The drive was LONG to say the least! But somehow we made it fun.  Little Annie was fabulous in the car.  She just slept and hung out in the car.  I was so excited to get home to Idaho!  I was jumping in my seat the second we got to provo and didn't stop until we pulled into my parents driveway. It sure is great to be home and seeing everyone again, even though I still have a list of people I need to stop by and see!
 Goodbye Texas! 
 Hello New Mexico
One of the ugliest states I've seen! 

 This was all we saw once we got to New Mexico. . . Nothing 
Little Anne being SO good! 
 Denver! I seriously want to live here! 

Utah! I was thrilled! 
         The Fullmers