Fullmer Reunion

Treagans family had a reunion the first of October. It was fun to see everyone together, the last time we were all together was April 2013. The get together lasted about a week. There were probably only 3 days that everyone was together though. We went to Island Park and stayed in a cabin which was nice because there was enough room for everyone to stay there. Island park is beautiful this time of year!  Treagan and I of course loved playing with all the little kids and getting to cuddle the new babies Myka and Ava! Treagan and I had to head to Provo for 2 days for some work meetings and I got to spend some time with my friends Bree and sister Megan while he was at meetings. We left Thursday morning and got back in time for family pictures! A lot of the family left Saturday afternoon. 
 Baby Myka
 Lots of little girls!
These three are too cute
Ava & Savannah 
The entire Fullmer family