Happy 23rd to me! It feels a little weird to be 23, it feels and sounds old ha I liked age 22! Now hopefully 23 will be as good as 22 was! Treagan was working away from home the week of my birthday but he made the long drive home the night before so he could take me to an early birthday breakfast. We woke up early because Treag had to be out the door by 9:45am. I chose Panera Bread, which I could eat there breakfast lunch and dinner every day of the week! I love Panera! We got our bagels, cinnamon rolls and smoothies and took them outside to eat and enjoy the perfect weather! 

 Treag had this massive bouquet delivered to me while he was working.
He's the greatest, love him
 My friends threw me the best birthday party that afternoon! I love all of them, they seriously are my second family out here and they are the greatest! They all brought my favorite foods, got me flowers, candles, and cute little notes from the little girls!
 Keisha made me one of my favorite cakes, German Chocolate, it was so good!
The Vivint wives and their kids
 Elise, Carissa, Ashley, Calene, (her little guy Gage), Kylee, Keisha
Jacque, Danni, Me (front and center ha) Emery, Karissa, and Noelle 

The little girl on my lap took the group pic so we got one with her in it!
Emery, Emery, and Kylee

Treagan is the greatest Hunzie out there! He drove all the way back home that night so he could hang out with me a little longer. He rolled in around midnight and took me to dinner. Love him
 We did gifts on Sunday after church, Treag spoiled me!
He got me the Kitchenaid that I have wanted forever! I was so excited, and he got me some new gym cloths! They are a little crazy, totally Treags style, but I love them too.


Date Nights

There are definitely pros and cons to summer sales. One of the cons is Treagan usually gets home too late to do anything most nights. Some weeks when his area is close and he isn't waiting on anyone we get to go out to dinner or to a movie. I love this, any excuse for me to get out of the house and get ready. Yes most nights Treag  finds me in my sweats with my hair in a messy bun, or still in my gym cloths from hours before, poor guy. Anyway we have gone out a handful of times these past few months and here are some of the pictures. Like I said we haven't done a lot this summer so my blogging skills are lacking!
Buffalo Wild Wings
Treags favorite pick, my least fav ha

 One of Treagans customers told him about, in his mind, the best place to eat in Fayetteville, and we had been wanting to check it out for a while. Treagan got home at a decent hour one night so we decided to try this place out! When we drove up and it didn't look that inviting, but we went in anyway. It was Colombian food, which I didn't mind, and Treagan really didn't like it. The Hunzie was not happy about his dinner choice ha so we got ice cream after!
 Fayetteville has Mellow Mushroom here! I'm so in love with this place, and I'm not a crazy pizza fan! It really is the best place to eat at in Fayetteville, that we have found at least. It has the best pizza ever, not just your boring cheese and peperoni. Fayetteville has a lot of your generic chain restaurants here, which is such a bummer! We like to try new places! And we like to eat too much as well I guess.


Office BBQ

 I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I better start up again! We made it to Fayetteville NC seven weeks ago! I can't believe we have been here that long! We are in a really nice area in the town of Fayetteville, which I love! Last year we were in a more ghetto part of town and I thought I was going to die! Treagan and I have actually loved going back to a place where we are familiar with. I know the places to go to and the parts to avoid. Our apartment is actually super nice! We even have a LIME green couch that I should post a picture of one of these days, Its totally retro, or maybe a 70's feel? A week or two ago our office had a big BBQ down at the pool and it was actually really fun. We had lots of yummy food, the guys played some basketball and volleyball in the pool, while some of the wives worked on their tan or chased kids around. The rain clouds rolled in right when we were doing the belly flop competition. But the guys still braved the thunder in the pool. . . I didn't let Treag/ I don't think he minded. Pace Wasdon won, he put 3 benches on top of each other and did the flop on top of them, it was hilarious. 

 Treag got hit in the face which ended up in a bloody nose :( He's still so darn cute