A little bit of everything

The Hunzie and I haven't done anything too exciting these last few weeks. Treag has been working super hard and getting home very late, bummer for me. Fayetteville has too high of a crime rate for me to go out and explore on my own, so I spend my days hanging out at our tiny apartment. It's really not that bad because it is SO hot I don't want to go outside anyways. We keep trying to head down to Myrtle Beach but it's always raining on Sundays here (Our ONLY day off!) Don't worry we will make it next week! In the little spare time we have together Treag and I have gone and seen the new Batman movie. Treagan was in love and wants to go and see it every weekend! We usually just go out to dinner and grab a little dinner and talk about our day. See nothing special. Enjoy of few random pics of us going to dinner these last few weeks :)
 Phone pic before going to dinner with our friends
not the best quality
(My teeth are not this white, I wish they were! The iphone with the flash makes them look Amazing haha I didn't edit them to look so unreal I swear)
 Joes Crab Shack 
 Panera Bread is our favorite place to eat!
These are the Vivint wives, and their babies! 
They are all so much fun to get together and hang out with! The top picture is us playing with the babies at the tennis court and the bottom one is us of course watching the Bachelorette