We took our yearly office vacation to Cancun this year. Treagans work takes the office on a fun vacation during the winter, we love it. This year we went to a resort called Cancun Royal or something along those lines. We went over New Years, which we thought was going to be a blast! We drove to SLC New Years Eve and partied with some of our friends that were going on the vacation as well. When I say partied I mean went to dinner and then came home to our hotel and crashed before midnight, the true signs that we are getting old.  sigh. That morning Treag and I woke up and made it to the airport around 5:30am. We got in line to check bags and show them our pass port, I mean pass card yes, we have pass cards. You know those things that are $30 instead or $300 because they only get you into the bordering countries. Like Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas. Perfect for us Bahama going couple. *Side Note* When we got married and were broke. . . we were asked if we wanted pass cards or ports. They explained to us that they would be perfect for our cruise we were taking for our honeymoon. Done. They sold us. We saved some $500 perfect!
The very nice gentlemen told Treag, um you need a pass port. Treag goes yeah here. ha Then he explained, which no one did before, pass ports only work if you are driving or on boat. What?! Why are both Treag and I so stupid? We are perfect for each other I tell you oblivious to the worlds rules. Treag tried to get around it HAHA I still laugh at this.
The very nice gentlemen then told us that he could fly us to Phoenix and then we could make the 2 hour drive to Tucson to one of the 3 passport centers and get a same day passport for double the price. So we would be paying around $1,200 to get our rush order passports. He also gave us the option of San Fran or Florida. Thankfully we chose Tucson. (Once we made it to the center a gentlemen told us they went to San Fran originally. Got there at 5am to have 600 plus people in line. They then were next in line when they closed the doors! So they flew here) Oh I forgot to add its New Years day so everything is closed. We get to Phoenix around  midnight, because we decided we would rather spend the day in SLC with Treags sister Tiara, than hanging out in Tuscon. We had to wait a day to do everything because of this holiday!
We got our passports the next day made the drive back to Phoenix and barley made our flight to Denver. When I say barley I mean it, we had minutes to spare! Once we made it to Denver we had a 9 hour layover. Hey I love the Denver airport so I'm glad it was Denver and not Phoenix! We took the Red Eye to Charlotte, and then flew into Cancun! Finally 2 days after all of our friends!
Treags boss was so nice and had a car waiting for us with a driver holding a sing that read Treagan. We jumped in the car and met the group at Shel Xal. Amazingly right when we got there we saw Zak, Treags boss. He just figured we would be arriving about then and so nicely waited up front hoping to catch us. This place is huge, who knows if we would have ran into him if he didn't do that! 
I loved Shel Xal. The weather was perfect! Shel Xal is this little beach resort deal. They have all you can eat restaurants all included, shops, excursions, its just amazing! We ate some yummy Mexican food and then swam in the ocean. Treag did some snorkeling and I relaxed on a tube near by. We did this switching off for a few hours before we all met up with our friends for dinner. About this time it started to sprinkle rain. I decided to hang out and chat with some friends in the hammocks while treag went and did the zip line.  Around 7:00 it started to down pour! The bus the group had rented wasn't going to arrive until like 10 but they managed to get it there sooner.
Since Treag and I didn't take the bus there we weren't allowed on it to get back. . . even though we paid for it! (This trip was drama filled if you cant tell) Thank goodness it was pouring rain. We literally sneaked on the bus! But the buss had let other people buy tickets to go home. Our tickets we already paid for! The bus was full. The driver was trying to figure out why. . . I was literally crying I was so nervous, I'm sneaking on this bus in Mexico who knows what they will do once they figure it out. We were there over an hour just waiting for this driver to figure out what was going on. Amazingly 2 people that had bought tickets never showed up. So the driver just left thinking they were us. . . Who knows but we made it!
While we were waiting on the bus our friend Corey went and bought a towel. He then put his phone and wallet in his backpack. Other new people that we didn't know got on the bus loaded their things up and what not. Once we are back at the hotel and getting off the buss he noticed that his phone and wallet are gone! Someone had stolen it or it had gotten lost on the bus. Well they couldn't find it and figured it was stolen. They spent the rest of the night calling and canceling their cards and phone. Which took hours for them since they had to do it internationally. I felt so bad for them. They had a few hundred in cash in their wallet as well. All lost/stolen! Treag and I went up to play games with Zak and Noelle in their suit before going to bed. When we got to our hotel room treag went to grab his phone charger out of his bag. And guess what was in it? Coreys phone and wallet. They have the exact same bag, well all of the guys on the team do. So he just thought he was putting it in his bag! It was hilarious and sad at the same time. This is at 1 almost 2 in the morning after they had been stressing for hours over this! Treag called him that night so they could sleep better ha 

 Day 2 it rained ALL DAY LONG! It was actually really disappointing, all Treag and I wanted to do on our last day was lay out on the beach! We found some other fun things to do that we wouldn't have done if it was a beautiful day. We walked down town and got some of the most amazing deserts! We went and got a fish pedi with our friends Corey and Calene. Oh my goodness it was so fun and weird all at the same time. It took me about 20 minutes before I could actually handle the fish tickling me. That's what it really felt like, but once that weird sensation was over it was actually really relaxing!
 The many faces of Treag while getting a fish pedi
 The beaches are gorgeous in Cancun so we decided we should at least walk on them. We had the bright idea to walk on the beach to head home. When we were literally one resort away from ours it starting to down pour and we were told we had to turn around and walk on the road because the other resort wouldnt let us walk through their private beach!
 I was on the 16th floor hanging out with some of the wives we went with when we heard familiar shouting outside. We look out from the balcony and see our husbands playing football in the waves. I got a few good shots with my new camera! Can you tell which one is Treagan? Top right, white and blue shorts.
 The last night we were there we went to one of the "fancy" places to eat in the resort. Its was okay but really our resort didn't have the best food. Our friend Corey is allergic to fish. . . But he thought he would be okay eating caviar for his appetizer. . . Ha he had a huge reaction, his face swelled up, turned red and he couldn't breath! So we all left dinner without really eating. These two pictures were taken before this all occurred while we were waiting for the rest of the group.
 We went to Lorenzillo's for dinner once Corey felt better. If you are even in Cancun you must go! It was so good! So expensive, but so dang good! We even got a little show from our friend the alligator, or crocodile no idea. . . The table next to ours was ordering Lobster and feeding it! This guy eats better than me! His jaw was huge! It was really cool seeing his swim around in the same waters we were in earlier! Or a little scary.

 This was good, but our friends all got the key lime pie. It was amazing. I can still taste it!
 He is so handsome! I think I took 1,000 pictures of just him

Day 3 We woke up at 6am to make it to the beach at least once! It was so bright and sunny. . . Until we walked outside and made it to our spot of choice. Aw we had the worst luck! Ha oh well we got a few fun pics that morning. That afternoon we loaded up and made it to the airport. I will just say this once, I hate Mexico's airport, they are a joke! When we finally board our tiny plane and make it to Charlotte NC late. . . We have to go through customs of course. . . At the same time as 2 other huge planes, since ours was late. Oh yeah we watched our flight close the doors on us as we were running to it. We literally begged to have them just open the doors since the plane door wasn't sealed yet. I'm going to guess they gave our tickets to stand by because they wouldn't! I literally just had to laugh. DON"T EVER FLY WITH UNITED! EVER!!!! 
Once we came to the fact that we once again missed our flight we ran to their info desk to find a later flight. Oh guess what, They didn't have any until Wednesday! This is Sunday people! That huge snow storm that hit the east cost in January, yeah that was all happening so every flight was booked. I literally almost cried. Treag found the most helpful man that worked for United and he managed to get us a flight to AZ that was leaving in five minutes. So we ran to that gate, and told our friends to get on it too. Once we got to AZ we had to find a way to SLC. What a joke that was as well. We had to option to try and make a stand by flight at 7:15, 11:00is 12:00ish or book a flight for 6:00 Treagan decided to do the 6:00 for sure way since we have the worst luck with flights. Our friends tried to make stand by. They called us. try 15 plus people didn't make the flight so we would have had plenty of room! UGH Well our flight got canceled multiple times due to bad weather in SLC. (It was clear as day and in the high 40's we were told. curse United) We got in around midnight. Drove 3 guys and us home safely to Rexburg that night. We need another vacation.  

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