La Fogata

I was reading the Southern Living magazine the other day and they had a page of the top 10 places that you must eat at. . . Guess what #6 was right in San Antonio about 15 minutes away from our place.  So last night we decided that we had to go try it out.  It was AMAZING!  Best Mexican food I have ever had!  This place was adorable!  We ate dinner in an adorable courtyard with water fountains and rose bushes all over the place!  We loved it and we had so much fun eating there!  I just wished that I would have found the place when we first got here instead of a week before we leave to go home!  Treag and I had a great night!  I love getting to go do something with my Hunzie once in a while :)
Isn't this adorable! This was right where we ate!
iphone pic not the best but it was amazing! 

         The Fullmers


Krispy Kream

Treag had to go set up a house this morning, and then he was going out of town again :( So I decided to wake up early and go with him!  It was fun driving out to the house, but then I got to hang out in the car for an hour while he was in the house.  Once the place was set up and ready to go we heading back home.  On the way home we saw a Krispy Kream and decided to go grab some breakfast!  It was delish and so much fun to do something fun with the Hunzie in the early morning.
 What a great breakfast right?
 My adorable Hunzie and amazing salesman 
It was early no makeup don't judge 
         The Fullmers


3 weeks!!!

We only have 3 weeks left of us being here in Texas!  I am REALLY excited to get back to Idaho! Who would have ever thought right?  Treag and I have actually had a really fun time here, and there are some things that I am going to miss about this HUGE state!  First off I LOVE the constant heat!  Well besides the time I got heat exhaustion and passed out in line for a ride at Six Flags. . . But I love the perfect weather for hanging out at the pool or boating, if we just had a dang boat out here my life would be perfect!  I love H.E.B. It's a grocery store, and it is pretty much amazing! I wish that Idaho had that store!  I love being able to go out to eat anytime of the night and almost everything is still open.  I mostly love this because the Hunzie gets home around 10:30 every night and he still has to shower and get ready.  I love the variety of places to choose from when decided where to eat, our options are endless!  I love how green everything is! Even though San Antonio is in a huge drought, on the sides of the road there are endless green trees.  We are so close to Sea World and Six Flags,  we always have something to do!  There are more malls within 30 miles than there are in 5 hours away from me in Rexburg :)  The malls are just amazing out here.  I don't love this now, but I know when I start school I'm going to miss having absolutely nothing to do! Just whatever I want, lay by the pool, read a book.  We got our little Annie here too! Texas has treated us well for the first 5 months of our marriage, it will always be where we had our first home together!

Treagan and I can not wait to get home though still even though Texas is so much fun!  We miss our friends and families like crazy!  One of my best friends is having her baby boy while I am gone and I'm heartbroken I wont get to be there right after she has the little guy!  And my little sisters are growing up way to fast!  Rexburg has the best summer nights!  I miss roasting treats in my back yard and just laying on the trap.  Millhollow! I miss this place!  Right when we pull into town thats our first stop.  As weird as this sounds I miss having things to do!  I can't wait to get back to school and have things to do!  Treagan doesn't really feel the same way about school as I do though ha We both can't wait to have our "own" apartment.  Its going to be amazing to be able to decorate the place with my mom!  I miss going to the cabin with the Carter family! Aw those are the best! Betti don't worry you are on top of the list too!  And the Playmill!  How can we forget about that!  This is the first year I can remember not going!  My family got Treag hooked last summer.  I took him to one every time we went to the cabin.  I LOVE the Playmill! Well family and friends 3 more weeks and we will be on our way home! We can't wait! 
 A great summer night in Idaho
At the Playmill, well almost we had to stop and grab some of the best pizza before the show!

         The Fullmers


Treagan has been working for Pinnacle this summer and he has honestly had a blast.  They have some pretty fun activities for the guys to do a few times a month.  This month they did "Tennis Baseball"  The guys had to hit a tennis ball with a baseball bat, and then if they got a home run then got x amount of money, and then if they got a ball they got x amount of money.  Treag had a pretty fun time doing it! He got all home runs!  That I saw a least :) He did get a pretty good little chunk of money.  It was fun to watch him having such a fun time with his friends!  I never knew he was such a good little baseball player :)
He's up to bat
He swings
It's over the fence!  
         The Fullmers