Part 2 of our Cruise

Our first stop on our Bahama bound cruise was to Coco Cay, and we loved it! It was such a relaxing day we woke up and hopped on a little boat to get to the island. Coco Cay is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. So we were the only boat at this island, and it was wonderful! When we got onto the island we decided to walk around and find a more quite spot. Everyone on the boat walked to the closet beach location with 1,000s of beach chairs. We opted for looking around for a more quite spot. When we found our location for the day, literally no one was around except us! It was amazing! All I wanted to do was lay out and work on my tan. I love taking naps and reading books laying on the beach! It's so quite and I love the sound of the ocean waves in the background. Treagan took a little nap with me but then he decided to go to the blow up slide that they had and the blow up toys they had out a ways in the ocean. Maybe I am super lame but I didn't want to do those things so I just watched him play while I relaxed. The ship brought lunch to us on the island, which was so nice to just hang out in your bathing suite and eat lunch and not have to go anywhere literally. Lunch was amazing they had anything you could think of wanting! Treag and I also had 3 Coco locos the islands specialty drink. They were SO GOOD! I seriously dream of these at night sometimes, most of my dreams involve food FYI. Treagan liked them more than me, and if I let him he would have had 3 more!
Treag and I at Coco Cay

 We found a baby starfish! 
I love it, I seriously want one for a pet!

 Treag on the HUGE blow up slide! 
He seriously went down this over a 100 times

 The guys would have little competitions to see who could hit the end of the slide, as you can see I didn't get the end of the slide in the pic! I think they all hit it though!
The blow up toys in the ocean! 
Treag had a blast on these. There was a big sting ray swimming around with them out here!
 Heading to get some lunch 
Of course they played a some 500
Beautiful Coco Cay!