Treagan obviously loves to golf, its all he can think about literally! For our one year anniversary I got him a new golf set that he picked out. They are his baby ha anyway he was pretty excited when he found out we were moving to NC to do some golfing. They have some pretty nice courses out here. Okay they have some AMAZING courses but they are SO expensive! So Treag golfs at the pretty nice ones :) I make him take pictures when he goes, he is a good sport. This course has been his favorite.

You can barely see him! Its not the best pic
A deer!


4th of July

The 4th of July is my all time favorite holiday! Treagan argues with me every year about how the 4th can't possibly be my favorite, but it is. I love, love fireworks, parades, pie, fried chicken, and getting to spend the day with family. I love the 4th in Rexburg. Since we have moved I miss waking up and going to the parade early in the morning, spending the day boating at the lake, eating yummy food all day, and ending it in crazy traffic trying to find the perfect spot to watch fire works in Idaho Falls. This year was actually pretty fun. Treagan had to go out and knock at 8am but he got home around 4, which was great! I spent the morning making my mini pies, and watching Friends until Treag got home. When he did get home we decided the pool was the 3rd best thing to the lake, I wanted to go to the beach but we had the office party at 6 so we really didn't have time. We met up with everyone at the park and had a yummy dinner of fried chicken, pastas, and lots of fruit! The wives out here made the cutest food. I wanted pictures of them but we got there right when everyone was dishing up! The guys played soft ball and the wives watched and played with the babies. It was SO hot I thought I was going to die, I had to go sit in the car for a while with the AC blowing in my face! I really wanted to drive down to Willmington beach to see the fire work show, top ten out there southern living magazine said! Of course Treag had to finish the soft ball game and when he finally finished we didn't have time to get there before they started. The drive is almost 2 hours so yes we missed out on my favorite part this year! :( But the office had some fireworks that the guys lit off, and some people down the road had some pretty sweet ones that we watched. It was a pretty great 4th this year! I already can't wait until next year!
I stole this pic from one of the wives blog, I didn't take any pics of them playing ball!
Treag is in the far back ground! 


Down Town Fayetteville

We made the short move to Fayetteville NC last week! So far we have loved this town. Well I wish we lived in a different part of town. Our apartment is the second to the last building before a nasty gas station and then the projects are right there! We have a drug dealer that comes to apt regularly, he is actually super nice. ha Treagan says he might not be a dealer. Just a guy in basketball shorts and white tank top looking a little trashy driving around doing nothing in a $150,000 car. His dad might have bought it for him...  Um yeah. Also the Walmart by our place is super dangerous, shootings in the parking lot, cops walking up and down the lot all day. I can't go there without treag, well once we found that out we just don't go there. :( Other than Walmart and the projects being around the corner the town is super cute! I guess I can't complain about the crime. Treags office is literally killing it everyday because of it ha Friday I convinced the Hunzie that he needed to go to the old down town with me. It is so cute I could die! I could spend all day walking up the streets and exploring the town. We only had about an hour to explore because we lost our keys for a good hour and a half. Hopefully I can convince him to go again with me one of these days. Everything is funner with Treag! Our first stop was the clock building. . . I actually have no idea what it is called. It's in the center of town and the traffic goes around the building. I wanted to go walk inside of it so we dodged the small amount of traffic and walked around. I found out that this building is over 200 years old! It's where they used to trade slaves back in the 1700's. It's the oldest thing I have ever seen! (And I'm sure only parts of the building are that old, they have had to restore it) I obviously need to go to Europe ha this building has nothing on them. We ended our morning by trying this little pizza shop for lunch. It was super yummy, it reminded me of NYC pizza. Oh I need to go there! Hopefully at the end of the summer! Cross your fingers for me :) Oh, we went to our new ward today and I love it! It's actually not our ward but the bishop and his wife said we could still come. Its the Fort Bragg ward so everyone is in the military. I totally love military families! Also when we walked in to sacrament I saw Elder Wighman, or Breck. How crazy is that, he is the missonary in our new ward. I was pretty excited to see a familiar face! We went up and chatted with him for a few minutes and invited him and his companion over for dinner Aug 5th ha Anyway we had a great first week here, we are loving that we are in a big city (200,000 people) and we can't wait to find a few more fun things to do here!

 Cute "clock building"

 Isn't this cute! This is what the streets look like! So green and just adorable
I could live here if it didn't have such a high crime rate! 
This lady is painting that!
She has some major talent I had to take a pic.
She had just started it when he drove in and was finishing it when we were leaving


Airborne & Special Operations Museum

Treagans parents came out to visit us for a few days! It was a lot of fun having them up and getting to hang out with them. On Saturday we spent the day at the beach, which I have no pictures of dang it, Sunday we moved from Jacksonville to Fayetteville. I felt bad that they had to help us move! We don't have a lot of things out here so it didn't take too long, and the drive was just 2 hours. Monday morning before Treagans meeting we went to the Airborne & Special Operations Museum. The Museum was really neat. Treag and I loved it! They had a different sections in the museum for each war. They had wax life size people to look like they would during the war. They also had really neat posters that explained parts of the war. We really enjoyed our selves there. The museum let you take pictures but you couldn't have the flash on, and it was pretty dark in the building. So some of our pictures didn't turn out too great.

 I thought these parachutes were really neat! They were huge!
 Treag and I with his parents
 Treags cute parents
We ended our fun morning by going to Panera Bread for lunch
Oh my its so good I crave it every day ha



The other day, well a few weeks ago Treag surprised me with some beautiful peonies! Isn't he the best husband, I think so. Peonies are my all time favorite flower and I was thrilled when they showed up on my door. Thank you Treagan I love you :)