Sunday Beach Trip

Treagan and I love the beach, honestly that is the only thing we do out here! I'm sure you have all noticed with ALL of my recent blog posts being of us at the beach. Oh well, we love it! It really never gets old. While Treagan and I were driving to the store today I told him I think I want to move here for good when we are done with school. He kind of gave me a funny look because there is NOTHING to do in Jacksonville, and we both complain about how little it is on a regular basis.  We agreed we would move to New Bern or find a fun town 20 minutes from the beach. We love, love, love North Carolina and we are both so grateful we get to live in this state for 5 months out of the year!
We live right by a national forest, don't ask me which one it is cause I have no idea ha But they wanted to burn parts of the forest for whatever reason. Everything was under control for the first day and then it got out of hand and they could not put it out for 3 or 4 days. Its crazy it down pours on us every other day out here for an hour and it didn't rain until they put the fire out! How sad is that! When we woke up Tuesday morning we had a thin layer of white ash on our car, side walks, grass everything. It was pretty crazy! Treagan would come home from knocking with ash stuck in his hair and on his cloths! It was a fun few days watching it burn up and all of the helicopters dumping 100's of gallons of water from the sky :) I actually have pictures of the fire but I must not have uploaded them. New post I will put them up.

 It was pretty over cast, and windy at the beach
It was perfect beach weather!
 This is our friends "puppy" Beava. 
I LOVE her
She is already 50lbs and only 3 months old!
She should get up to 200lbs! that bigger that the Hunzie!
 Treags new cut off for a awesome week
 This old lady wanted to help sculpt Blake!
She was a hoot!
 Favorite beach game
Oh my goodness! I have heard a lot about Rita's
We finally found one and can I say no one did it justice! It was amazing!
I wish they had these back west! 
Mango Italian ice and vanilla custard
It's true the world needs MORE Rita's!
The forest fire
The sky was thick with smoke like the long pic
It was pretty neat/ sad
The helicopters trying to save the forest ha It was such a nice few days as you can see in the bottom pic not a chance of rain to help them out!

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