Trip to Utah

A few days after we made the 37 plus hour drive home we decided to drive up to Utah to see Treagans family for the weekend. His entire family was up for a 5k to try and win a fertility treatment for his sister, they won, so we thought why not. Treagan did a lot of golfing with the guys, and I did some shopping with Treagans mom and sisters. It was a quick trip but so fun to see everyone again after almost 5 months! 
 Talon loves his pizza and bread sticks! 
One in each hand ha
                                                                            Little Tre, I'm in love with him!

Brooklyn has the cutest bunny
Dru is so sweet, he just came up and cuddled with Treag
Our last day in Utah the girls went shopping while the guys played golf. Brooklyn, Brynn and I got a little bored so we got ice cream and chocolates while their mommy's shopped!


Bald Head Island

The weekend before we moved back to Idaho we went to Bald Head Island. Its a little Island fifteen minutes off the shore of Wilmington NC. We went with two other couples that work with us. Treagan and I loved it! This island is adorable. It felt like we were in another country, seriously though. Cars are not allowed on the Island, only golf carts. To get to the island you take a ferry ride and rent a golf cart. We went and played in the ocean and on the beach for a few hours. I love the beaches in NC, I think they are the prettiest in the US. After the beach we decided to just drive the golf cart around the island. There were beautiful beach houses all over! We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant who had the best fish tacos and guacamole. I'm craving them as I write this! It was a prefect day trip before we left to head back to the west coast!