Easter 2013

We haven't had an Easter in Rexburg for a long time it feels like! This year we were able to celebrate it with Treagans parents, and my family. Easter morning we went over to my moms house, she always makes the cutest Easter baskets, and spoiled us as usual. After we opened our baskets and had a yummy breakfast with the Willis fam we went to church with them. It's always fun to go back to my home ward and see everyone that we don't see too often, even though we only live a mile away! After church my family went to Preston, the kids had spring break so they spent it there. Treag and I went home and made dinner for us and Rex and Konda. After doing this I told Treag I need a bigger kitchen, preferably the size of my moms! Aw my kitchen is way to small to make a big dinner! I didn't take any pics of the table setting dang it, my mom got me the cutest burlap bunny ear napkin holders. After dinner Konda had a Easter egg scavenger hunt for us to find our baskets she made for us! It was a great Easter and we loved that we got to spend it with family this year!

 We are crazy cat people, we know.
The Easter Bunny loves our cats too! He managed to leave a gift without getting caught!
Easter pie, peanut butter chocolate