Our Love Story

Our “Love Story” started almost 10 years ago. We officially met at a high school bon fire. I approached him by telling him off about something and walked off never thinking much of it, but he was smitten.  To my surprise he was nothing like I thought, and we started dating a few months later. Fast forward 3 years, Treagan was leaving on his mission to Portland Oregon for 2 years, and I was just starting college. We kept in touch with letters and a yearly phone call on Christmas. Treagan returned in May 2010, and things pick up where they left off to many peoples dismay. We fell in love all over again and were married April 8, 2011. That was three years ago. We are currently living in San Antonio Texas where Treagan is a sales manager for Vivint. We love traveling to tropical places, we love our 2 cats, and we love each other!

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