Sea World. . . AGAIN!!!

Treagan had a late meeting on Friday so we decided to wake up early and go to Sea World!  I really wanted to see the Shamu show and Treag really wanted to go to the water park so we did both! I love spending time with my Hunzie! It is the best thing ever!  Treag works so much and is gone most of the day and night so any break he gets I just love it! 
 Us at the Shamu show 
This picture isn't as sweet as I thought it would turn out
I wanted to show you how big the place is 

 Clapping! So cute!
A little video of the show 
After we saw the Shamu show the Hunzie wanted to go to the water park! 
So that is just what we did :) I know my makeup is all over my face
 This is a kids water park! 
Isn't is so cool!

         The Fullmers


Harry Potter

Treagan and I were finally able to go and see the last Harry Potter movie last night! I cried like a baby the entire time, it was quite ridiculous I must say.  Can you believe that there are no more books? No more movies?  I remember reading my first one in 4th grade, and then not being able to wait for the next one to come out! I've read all the books multiple times, listened to them on CD, (if you haven't done this yet I strongly suggest you do it now! The guy the reads it is just amazing! To say the least) and watched all the moves more times than I can count! I LOVE Harry Potter!  

I LOVE Snape! 
And now people finally understand why! He is so sweet I just cried for him during this movie! Aw I wish he didn't die :(

Treag got of work super early yesterday. . . 7pm!  It RAINED here in San Antonio for the first time in a little over 3 months! And when I say it rained it poured!  Thunder, lightning the whole thing.  I loved every minute of it!  Well the boys got rained out so they had to come home early.  I was super surprised to see my Hunzie soaking wet standing in my door way.  First thing he said is, lets go see Harry Potter! So thats just what we did.  We had to get late tickets 11:45pm of course because everything was full right away.  That was okay we did a little shopping at Treags favorite store, TJ Max haha they have really nice ones out here I kind of like them :) And then we went to dinner at TGI Fridays.  It was super yummy! By that time we had a little over 40 minutes before our movie started so we rushed over and got our seats.  

Okay theaters here in San Antonio are SUPER nice! They are not the theaters I'm used to from Utah and Idaho.  This one had little golf carts to take you to your movie, better chairs to sit in than what we have at our apartment :) Freshly backed cookies, fudge, and any other baked goods you could think of.  Thats not all, they had gelato ice cream, and Italian ice. . . Can I say more?  Step it up Idaho :) Treag was in heaven because if you don't know he is a treat freak. 
 It's nice right? :)

The movie was better than I expected!  Like I said I LOVE Harry Potter!  We saw it in IMAX 3D which was pretty sweet at times, but if you haven't seen it yet and are debating if you should see it in 3D don't.  The movie is so dark, with the black cloths, dark castle, dark forest, that with the dark glasses on you could hardly make out their faces.  Well you could but it was better when I took the glasses off until I noticed everything was fuzzy with out them :( But the movie was still great! I loved spending time with the Hunzie!
We look goofy I know 

We got home at 2 and we were super tired!

         The Fullmers


Mini Golfing with the Fullmers

Last weekend was Jake and Summers wedding in Arizona.  It was a blast seeing Treags family for a few days! Besides being at the wedding we were able to hang out and do a few activities.  On Monday we went mini golfing at Golf Land! It was a lot of fun.  I got a hole in one! Treagan still managed to beat me by over 20! Lame! We had a fun time being silly. We loved being with Treagans family for a few days and just relaxing! We love them and miss them already! 

The Fullmer Fam
Well the part that was left on Monday :)

 Treag showing me how its done
Yay for mini golf! 

Some funny videos of Treag and I golfing. . . He did great, me not so much ha
Sorry one of the videos is side ways. . . Treag is still learning how to use the video camera :)
          The Fullmers


Hunzies Hair

Meet Treagan, he is my adorable husband. :) 
Anyway check out his crazy long hair! He had not cut it since out wedding pictures in April!  I don't mind it long but I couldn't wait until Summer and Jakes wedding so he would finally cut it! 
Before. . .
Honestly this picture doesn't do it justice 
After. . .
                              The Fullmers


4th of July

Happy 4th of July!  
It was really different being in a different state for this holiday, it made me really homesick. . . ask Treag he saw me cry over it almost every night this week.  I wanted to be home with my family! I love the 4th in Idaho! I love the small town feel.  I love going to Island Park after the parade, go boating on the lake and then hit the fire works in IF.  Being in San Antonio was different to say the lest.  They don't do any parades which I was really sad about because I love them even if they are kind of lame ha and because it is so dry here they banned fireworks so we watched them on TV from New York.  It wasn't all that bad though.  I spent the morning baking mini pies for the office BBQ later that night.  The Hunzie was home by 1! That was amazing!  We went to Six Flags, it was CRAZY crowded!  The lines were too long for me at the water park so I hung out and read by the wave pool.  I went on 2 rides though :)  We also went on a ride in the park that we hadn't been on before and it was SO fun! The lines in the park were pretty short you could just walk right on! Everyone was in the water park because it was so stinking hot.  We went home and got ready for the BBQ and then went to Cabe and Kels place and played games.  I just held baby Reid the entire time :) Love you family and I miss you like crazy!

I have some pictures from last years 4th
I feel like it was a more eventful day :)
 The Parade! 
Oh how I missed it this year
 I love this picture of us last year at the fireworks 
 Fire works! 
I wish we could have watched them this year!

 My little cupcake pies 
The new roller coaster we LOVE 
Baby Reid and I 
Snuggling while everyone played games 
Happy 4th of July!

                                  The Fullmers



Happy birthday to my dad! 
I wish I was home to celebrate this special day with the family!  I hate being out here during birthdays and holidays!  I love you dad you have been such an amazing example to me!  You would do anything for me and I just can't say thank you enough for all that you have done!  I hope your birthday was amazing!  It sounds like its been a fun birthday weekend boating at the cabin with Bette and John and the entire family :( And then the 4th of July celebrations tomorrow!  I miss you so much you don't even know! Love you daddy and happy birthday! I know mom will show you this tonight!
My first dance ha girls choice he paid hence the face! 
The fam in Balize! 
 He paid for my amazing beautiful wedding! I can't say thank you enough for that! 


Quick Trip

Treagan had a late meeting today!
Yay I LOVE his late meeting days! 
They are AMAZING!!! 
We decided we should go to Six Flags today because we only live 4.3 miles away from it! (its about a 12 minute drive) Treag woke up early to play basketball. . . I slept it until 9 and then cleaned up his breakfast mess made the bed and got our things together so we could get out the door right when he walked in at 10. Sure enough we made it there safe and sound. Stood in the wrong LONG line and then had to go wait in the right LONG line! EVERYONE was there because of the holiday weekend of course.  Its okay we know the way around the place and when we got in we went to the far end of the park.  Guess what we were the only ones in that place that thought about doing that!!! NO LINES! Yup you heard me right we walked right on to 3 really fun rides! There were of course of few other smart people like us but not very many. :) Treag started feeling sick after #3 so we had to head home.  We tried to go to their water park but it didn't open until 12! SO lame we thought.  But it was still a pretty fun trip! I can't wait for Mondays festivities! Well if I can find anything going on.  I sure there is lots I just need to do my research.  

See no lines really. . . I had to take a picture to prove it 

          The Fullmers