Fullmer Reunion

Treagans family had a reunion the first of October. It was fun to see everyone together, the last time we were all together was April 2013. The get together lasted about a week. There were probably only 3 days that everyone was together though. We went to Island Park and stayed in a cabin which was nice because there was enough room for everyone to stay there. Island park is beautiful this time of year!  Treagan and I of course loved playing with all the little kids and getting to cuddle the new babies Myka and Ava! Treagan and I had to head to Provo for 2 days for some work meetings and I got to spend some time with my friends Bree and sister Megan while he was at meetings. We left Thursday morning and got back in time for family pictures! A lot of the family left Saturday afternoon. 
 Baby Myka
 Lots of little girls!
These three are too cute
Ava & Savannah 
The entire Fullmer family


  1. Alison,
    Your blog looks so good! Did you design your template? I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how to make my blog look normal! haha. I want to have a tab bar at the top and I cannot figure it out. How did you do it?

  2. I actually bought it off etsy. If you scroll to the very bottom of my page there should be a link to the lady in SC that designed it for me. There are 1,000's on etsy though and all gorgeous! It's super simple once you buy it you can either put it together yourself or pay whoever designed it to do that also. Good luck!